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About RaidableBases DataBase SQL

Discover the brand new RaidableBasesDB plugin that takes your gaming experience to the next level!

This innovative plugin automatically stores a player's Raidable Ladder statistics in the SQL database after each successful raid, making it easy to track player progress.

You can also manually update player statistics using the "rb.update" command, with the SteamID option allowing for targeted updates to individual players.

The RaidableBasesDB plugin is an essential addition to the Nivex RaidableBases plugin, providing an efficient and effortless way to keep track of your players' statistics.

Easy to configure and use, this plugin offers server administrators a powerful tool for managing player statistics.

And the best part is, I'm already working on an Azuriom RaidableBases plugin that will be released soon!


The RaidableBases Azuriom Plugin is now available. Display your RaidableBases data on your Azuriom site. Interested? DM me!

Plugin commands at a glance:

rb.update: Updates the statistics of all players.
rb.update <SteamID>: Updates the statistics of a single player with the specified SteamID.
rb.wipe: Deletes all content in the database.

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