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Wipe Countdown 1.0.2

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About Wipe Countdown

Let players know how many days left till next wipe with this simple countdown plugin.

• Features
- show time left with chat command
- auto broadcast when players type keyword in chat
- api to get time left

• Commands 


/wipe - shows how much time left till next wipe

countdown_reset - restart countdown

• Config 


     "General Settings": {
         "Countdown (seconds)": 604800.0,
         "Refresh/Save Interval (seconds)": 30.0,
         "Global Response Enabled": false,
         "Global Response Text": "<size=20><color=#FF5733>RUSTDOME</color>.NET</size> \n Next map wipe will be in <color=#FFE49B>{countdown}</color>",
         "Global Response Icon": 76561199136807947,
         "Global Response Cooldown": 3600.0,
         "Keyword To Trigger Response": "wipe",
         "Reset Countdown on Map Change": true



long GetCountdownSeconds_API()  -  returns secods left

string GetCountdownFormated_API() -  returns formated time left 


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