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Abandoned Cargo 1.0.1

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About Abandoned Cargo

This cargo ship got abandoned by its crew when they realised that they are stuck in the middle of the ocean. Many people say that the crew of the ship left many of the treasures of the ship back onboard. The crew also punctured the highly toxic barrels on the ship which resulted in a medium level of radiation around the ship.

The ship can be placed all around the map as it doesnt depend on any biomes, and it can be close to the shore or really far away from it.


Monument info:

-Prefab count: 2729

-Military crates/Brown crates: 16 (Some of them are hidden)

-Normal crates: 14

-Elite Crates: 2 (1 behind blue puzzle)

-Puzzles: 1 puzzle with blue keycard that contains 1 red keycard and 1 elite crate


Oh, there are also 14 pookie bears spread throughout the monument 🙂


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