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About Submersible Pump


Submersible Pump plugin will relieve the rivers on your server.
It allows players to place water pump with fresh water anywhere on map.
Water output can be changed with WaterWorks plugin by nivex.

Video Preview (Version 1.0.0)


  • You can build your farm anywhere on map.
  • Customizable pump crafting.
  • You can place your pump on foundations. (but not too high (configurable))


  • /pump - Plugin help command.
  • /pump craft - Crafting submersible pump.
  • givepump - Give submersible pump. (Console Command)


  • submersiblepump.use – Allows you to craft and place submersible pump. (Needs to be enabled in config)
  • submersiblepump.give – Allows you using givepump command.

Default Config (Version 1.0.5)

  "Misc - Require Permission": false,
  "Misc - Pump Item Name": "Submersible Pump",
  "Misc - Pump Ground Check": true,
  "Craft - Enable Pump Craft": true,
  "Craft - Chat Command": "pump",
  "Craft - Require Blueprint For Pump": true,
  "Craft - Required Workbench Level (0-3)": 2,
  "Craft - Pump Craft Cost": [
      "Item Shortname": "metal.fragments",
      "Item Amount": 1000,
      "Item Skin": 0
      "Item Shortname": "gears",
      "Item Amount": 10,
      "Item Skin": 0
      "Item Shortname": "metalpipe",
      "Item Amount": 20,
      "Item Skin": 0
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