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About Discord Core


Discord Core adds some basic connections between your RUST and Discord server.
It allows you to display player count, Discord to Game chat and send message to server or connected players.


  • Allows you to connect user's RUST account to Discord account.
  • Allows to send private messages to connected players.
  • You can grant discord/game role to players who connected accounts.
  • You can create Discord to RUST chat and display messages from RUST in Discord channel.
  • Can display your player count in bot status.
  • Allows you to send private and server messages through API.

Important Notice

To make this plugin works, you need to have Discord Extension and pre-made Discord Bot.
Full tutorial how to make it is available on Discord Extension web page.

The bot needs to be connected to only one server!


  • /discord - Generates or shows your discord connection code. (Editable in config)

How to connect?

To connect your Steam account to Discord, you need to generate the code through /discord command and send the code as a private message to your previously created bot.

For Developers

  • void API_SendPrivateMessage(string userId, string message) - If player is connected, it sends private message to connected discord user.
  • void API_SendMessage(string channelId, string message) - Sends message to channel on discord.

Default Configuration (Version 1.0.0)

  "BOT API Token": "Paste Token Here!",
  "Commands": [
  "Show Player Count In Status": false,
  "Connect Granted - Discord Group ID": "",
  "Connect Granted - RUST Group Name": "",
  "RUST Chat - Discord Channel ID": "",
  "RUST Chat - Discord Output Format": "**{0}** » *{1}*",
  "RUST Chat - RUST Output Format": "<color=#aaee32>[Discord]</color> <color=#5c81ed>{0}</color> » {1}"

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