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About Redeem Storage API


Redeem Storage API allows you to move all your plugin item sources to one inventory.
It can reduce your multiple storage containers to one and remove requirement of having free space in inventory.
The plugin doesn't have any real functionality by its own. Requires some plugin that uses this API.


  • Move your all plugin item rewards/outputs to one storage.
  • You can create multiple custom redeem inventories.
  • Each storage have their own data file, so it's easy to clear only certain inventories on wipes.

For Developers

  • void AddItem(ulong userId, string name, Item item, bool popUp = false) - Moves the previously created item to the desired inventory of the player.

Default Configuration (Version 1.0.0)

  "Redeem Commands": [
  "PopUp API Preset": "Legacy",
  "Redeem Storage Item Reminder (in seconds, 0 to disable)": 600,
  "Redeem Inventories": {
    "default": {
      "Default Redeem Inventory (only one)": true,
      "PopUp Message (configurable in lang file)": false,
      "Redeem Only In Safezone": true,
      "Redeem Only If Authed": true
    "shop": {
      "Default Redeem Inventory (only one)": false,
      "PopUp Message (configurable in lang file)": true,
      "Redeem Only In Safezone": false,
      "Redeem Only If Authed": false

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