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About Animal Boxes

Animal Crates plugin allows you to add a little spice into looting barrels and crates.
You can add any animal to crate/barrel and surprise your players while collecting loot, or increase amount of animals on Your server in different way.

Video Preview (Version 1.0.1)


  • You can add any type of animal into crates and barrels.
  • You can check if an animal is in a crate, by hitting the crate with a melee weapon.
  • Configurable chances for animal and animal type.
  • Spawnable scientists and scarecrows. [NEW]
  • Customizable amount of animals to spawn. [NEW]


animalboxes.use - Gives permission to spawn animals in crates.

Default Config (Version 1.0.2)

  "Require Permission": false,
  "Crate Container List": [
  "Barrel Container List": [
  "Crate Animal Chance (0-100)": 5.0,
  "Barrel Animal Chance (0-100)": 15.0,
  "Crate Minimum Animal Amount": 1,
  "Crate Maximum Animal Amount": 1,
  "Barrel Minimum Animal Amount": 1,
  "Barrel Maximum Animal Amount": 2,
  "Crate Animal Chances": {
    "bear": 5.0,
    "boar": 40.0,
    "chicken": 10.0,
    "heavy_scientist": 5.0,
    "scarecrow": 10.0,
    "scientist": 10.0,
    "stag": 25.0,
    "wolf": 40.0
  "Barrel Animal Chances": {
    "bear": 0.0,
    "boar": 0.0,
    "chicken": 9.0,
    "heavy_scientist": 0.0,
    "scarecrow": 1.0,
    "scientist": 0.0,
    "stag": 0.0,
    "wolf": 0.0
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