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ZStickers 1.0.0

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About ZStickers

Forget about emoji, STICKERS are the next best thing to use in chat.
This plugin gives you and your players the ability to unlock stickers that can be used to express yourself in chat.  Besides that, it adds a sticker market: Here stickers can be traded, which adds a great way for your players to make some good money on rare stickers.


Stickers are shown by using their :tag: in chat. By default, stickers are shown to every online player (players can turn them off individually by command). They popup on their screen and disappear in a few seconds. The possibilities are endless, and a lot of fun and interaction are guaranteed. You can add your own memes, cat pictures, word art or whatever image you can think of, tip: sneaky spiders give good results. 


Sticker Editor

The main command for stickers is /sticker, but you will need some stickers first! Add any new stickers by using this command:

/sticker add :stickername: https://imgur.com/yoursticker.png

After adding a sticker, you can find it in the sticker browser. Open the UI by using:


For admins (or people with the right permission) there is an in game sticker editor. From the browser, click the pencil icon on any sticker to start editing the sticker. The 3x3 grid sets your sticker’s start position, then you can align your sticker with the other values.

A group can be entered or chosen by clicking the … icon. 

The 4 main tiers are only used for colors and not for real rarity, the only important tier here is the HIDE tier. Every sticker in this tier will not be available for players. Stickers are added in the hidden tier by default, so make sure to select another tier when you finish editing your sticker.

The TOTAL field is the maximum amount of copies of this sticker to be owned by players in total *. The right field shows the current number of owners.


Tip: You as admin have the power to make people love or hate these stickers. Choose their position and sizes wisely and also keep in mind some people play with different resolutions or interface sizes.

* Stickers are limited!

Every sticker added to the plugin requires you to set up a maximum number of ‘owners’ for that sticker. The sticker can only be unlocked this many times. 

Note that players can also have duplicate stickers. A sticker that has almost reached its max owners will be way harder to get when buying stickers. This rarity is useful in the sticker market and the recycler.

In the config file are settings for inactive players. After a certain amount of inactive days, X stickers will be taken from the player and become available again in the market.


Tip: From personal results I found out a maximum amount of 100 owners is a nice value to use for very common stickers. I hardly have any stickers with more than that number. There are multiple ways built in to keep stickers available. If you however still run out of stickers, try making these numbers higher. Adding more stickers is a way more fun way too solve this problem though!


Sticker Browser

Browse your stickers and click any sticker for details. The sticker browser has handy filters to quickly find the sticker you are looking for. Use the lock icons to toggle (un)locked stickers. Sorting is possible by age, a-z, rarity, collections (groups) and availability.

On the right side of the screen all sticker groups are shown.

These are basically collections of stickers that can be used like sticker packs. Collect them all!

Click any of the stickers to get more details, trade or recycle them. The eye icon on top of the sticker sends a chat message to show the sticker. Only visible for admins are the edit button (pencil) and lock/unlock button. The number on the top right shows the amount of this sticker you own. This sticker will be shown if a player who owns it uses :care: in global chat.


Buy Stickers

Players need sticker tokens to be able to unlock new random stickers.

Different packs with tokens can be set up in the config file. The (token) price of a sticker can also be configured. At the moment only random stickers are available.

You can unlock specific stickers for players by command. Tokens can also be given by (server) command, for example to be used as a vote or quest reward.


Sticker Market

In the sticker market, players can trade stickers they own. After setting a price, the sticker will be shown in the list of available trades. Other players can then buy the sticker and ownership will be transferred.

Sellers get paid in the same currency as the one setup for buying sticker tokens. In case you use items as a currency, the seller has to be online to make a trade.

Failed trades are being removed after a (configurable) amount of time.


Sticker Recycler

Besides trading your stickers, you can also decide to recycle them for sticker tokens.

The reward for recycling depends on the rarity of the sticker at that moment and the amount of the same sticker being recycled.
Recycling more of the same sticker results in higher rewards.


zstickers.admin - needed for all sticker management 
zstickers.use - enables /sticker command 
zstickers.trade - allows to trade stickers 
zstickers.teamchat - allows players to use stickers in team chat (ninja mode)



/sticker - almost everything can be done inside the UI 
/sticker add :stickername: https://imgur.com/sticker.png - add stickers 
/sticker give <player name or id> <amount> - gives player x number of sticker tokens 
/sticker unlock <player name or id> :stickername: - unlocks a sticker for a player 
/sticker hide - hide all stickers 
/sticker show - show stickers again

There are some debug commands in case something looks off (please report): 

/sticker list - prints your unlocked stickers to chat 
/sticker clearallmystickers - clears all your stickers 
/sticker valid - validates all stickers and their owners 
/sticker update - refresh all sticker stats / find missing stickers 
/sticker cleanuptrades - manually cleans up sticker trades 
/sticker debug - logs what's happening to console
/sticker stats - shows totals of stickers and their availability


Console commands

These commands can be used by admins and other plugins.

sticker givetokens <player name or id> <amount> - gives a player sticker tokens 
sticker unlock <player name or id> :stickername: - unlocks a sticker for a player
sticker import <sticker pack name> - import sticker pack, see below for more info
sticker import <sticker pack name> hidden - import a sticker pack but hide all stickers instead of using the sticker pack tiers


Config & Data

The config file is pretty straight forward. You can add or remove token packs. The currency is set by picking one of the numbers. If you want to use items as currency, make sure to setup the shortname of the item. Optionally you can add a skin ID too, so only items with a certain skin can be used to buy sticker tokens.

The plugin will create 3 files in /oxide/data/ZStickers/:

market_data.json - contains all trades, this data is automatically managed/wiped
player_stickers.json - contains ownership data and token balance, you CAN wipe this, but this is not required: Players can keep their stickers forever, as long as they are active.
stickers.json - contains all sticker data - don't wipe this if you want to keep your stickers. If you wipe this file, make sure to wipe the others too.


Sticker Packs

Sticker packs are a way to easily add or share a bunch of stickers. They come with predefined settings, so it's basically plug and play. For sticker packs, a data folder called 'import' is created


Sticker packs can be added here to easy import a list of stickers. If the import folder is not there, you can create it yourself.

Add the sticker pack json file(s) to the folder and run the import command from your console. Results will be shown in your console. Stickers with the same :tag: can not be added this way. Make sure to remove other sticker first.

If you don't want the sticker to be visible for everyone right away, add the parameter 'hidden' to the import command. This will put all stickers in the hidden tier. Console command for example:

sticker import SuperCoolPack hidden


Dependencies & Plugin support

Required plugins: ImageLibrary

Optional currency plugins: ServerRewards, ZCoins
Economics plugin is added but untested, let me know if this works for you. This plugin will be fully supported.
Note: You can use any item with any skin if you're not using any of these plugins on your server.


Support / Contact me

If you encounter any problems or if you have any suggestions, feature requests or questions, please message me on Discord (josh.z) for the fastest response.

This plugin is made with love and I feel it's never really 'done'. I'd love to discuss your ideas for it on my Discord server here: https://discord.gg/KveEUQhGsZ
There's also a cool dude there (Nexus) who always sees your questions quicker than I do. If my response takes too long, find Nexus!

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