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Found 4 results

  1. CosaNostra


    Version 1.2.13


    Trade allows two players to trade items from a distance and use the Shopfront UI. https://youtu.be/W92g1Wu0Af0 Key features: Rust Shop Front UI. Bug-free trading - exchange process is handled natively by Rust. Trade logs, if enabled. Individual permissions for various things. Supports NoEscape and Ignore plugins. Optimization with performance in mind. No garbage allocations. Optional features (can be configured in Trade.json config file): Disable accepting trades and/or requests in Building blocked zones. Disable trading while in air/water or while wounded. Disable trading while mounted or parented (Cargo ship, vehicles, elevators). Control how far players can walk while trading. Multiple permissions setup. Item blacklisting for each permission. Trading slot count for each permission. Max distance between players for each permission. Changing chat icon. .. and more. Configuration The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the Trade.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. { "Disable accepting requests in Block zone": true, "Disable sending requests in Block zone": true, "Disable trading in air": true, "Disable trading in water": true, "Disable trading while wounded": true, "Disable trading in transport": false, "Enable individual trade slot count": false, "Trade request timeout (seconds)": 30.0, "Max distance from trade spot (0 - disabled)": 5.0, "Chat icon id": 0, "Allow trade logging": true, "Permissions (first one is always default)": [ { "Order": 1, "Name": "default", "Cooldown": 30.0, "MaxDist": 0.0, "TradingSlots": 6, "Banned Items": [ "note" ] }, { "Order": 2, "Name": "vip_example", "Cooldown": 10.0, "MaxDist": 0.0, "TradingSlots": 12, "Banned Items": null } ], "Config revision (do not edit)": 1 } Localization The localization for this plugin can be configured in the Trade.json file under the oxide/lang/en directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors. { "Msg.TradeIntro": "To begin trade, type <color=#81B67A>/trade <Partial name or Steam ID></color>.", "Msg.TradeRequestSent": "You've sent a trade request to <color=#81B67A>{0}</color>.", "Msg.TradeRequestReceived": "<color=#81B67A>{0}</color> wants to trade with you!n<color=#81B67a>/trade yes</color> - Accept request.n<color=#DA5757>/trade no</color> - Deny request.", "Msg.TradeSuccessful": "Your trade with <color=#81B67A>{0}</color> succeed.", "Msg.TradeTimeoutVendor": "<color=#81B67A>{0}</color> didn't anwered to your trade request.", "Msg.TradeTimeoutCustomer": "You haven't answered to <color=#81B67A>{0}</color>'s trade request.", "Msg.TradeCancelledVendor": "<color=#81B67A>{0}</color> has cancelled a trade request.", "Msg.TradeCancelledCustomer": "You have cancelled a trade request.", "Msg.TradeInterrupted": "Trade was interrupted!", "Msg.You": "<color=#81B67A>You</color>", "Msg.YourPartner": "<color=#81B67A>Your partner</color>", "Error.NoPerm": "{0} don't have permission to trade.", "Error.NoSuchPlayer": "No such player found or he is offline.", "Error.Ignored": "That player is ignoring you.", "Error.MultiplePlayers": "Found multiple players with this name!nRefine your search please or use SteamID.", "Error.SelfTrade": "Obviously, you can't trade with yourself :)", "Error.NoPendingRequest": "You have no pending requests.", "Error.CantTradeInWater": "{0} can't trade while in water!", "Error.CantTradeInBuildingBlock": "{0} can't trade while in Building Block zone.", "Error.CantTradeInAir": "{0} can't trade while flying.", "Error.CantTradeWounded": "{0} can't trade while wounded.", "Error.CantTradeSleeping": "{0} can't trade while sleeping.", "Error.CantTradeInVehicle": "{0} can't trade in transport.", "Error.CantTradeDead": "{0} can't trade while dead.", "Error.CantTradeOffline": "{0} is offline.", "Error.CantTradeRightNow": "{0} can't trade right now.", "Error.TradeCooldown": "Trade is on cooldown. Please wait <color=#81B67A>{0:mm:ss}</color>.", "Error.TooFar": "{0} is too far away from you.", "Error.UnknownCommand": "Unrecognized command.nType either <color=#81B67a>/trade yes</color> or <color=#DA5757>/trade no</color>" } Permissions This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>. trade.use - allows players to use trading. Commands This plugin provides universal chat and console commands. When using a command in the chat, prefix it with a forward slash: /. trade <name or steam id> - Starts a trade request with the given player trade accept/yes/+ - Accepts trade request trade cancel/no/- - Declines trade request
  2. Mevent

    Bank System

    Version 1.2.2


    Adds a banking system to the game. It is an extended system of economics. Features ATM system (each player can install his own ATM and receive profit from it) ATMs can break ATMs can be repaired Money transfer system between players HumanNPC support Ability for players to earn money Adds a new item to the game (banknotes) Auto Wipe (each item can be customized) Working through third-party economy plugins (optional) Conversion from ServerRewards and Economics Commands bank - open the bank interface bank.givenote [target] [amount] - give banknotes to the player bank.giveatm [target] - give ATM to the player bank.setbalance [target] - set balance to the player bank.deposit [target] - deposit money to the player bank.withdraw [target] - withdraw money from a player bank.transfer [player] [target] - transferring money from a player to another player bank.wipe [type] (0 - all, 1 - players, 2 - logs, 3 - ATMs) - wipe data bank.convert.economics - convert from Economics bank.convert.serverrewards- convert from ServerRewards Hooks private object CanPlayerCreateCard(BasePlayer player) private void OnPlayerCreatedCard(BasePlayer player) private void OnBalanceChanged(ulong member, int amount) API private bool HasCard(BasePlayer player) private bool HasCard(ulong member) private int Balance(BasePlayer player) private int Balance(ulong member) private bool Deposit(BasePlayer player, int amount) private bool Deposit(string member, int amount) private bool Deposit(ulong member, int amount) private bool Withdraw(BasePlayer player, int amount) private bool Withdraw(string member, int amount) private bool Withdraw(ulong member, int amount) private bool Transfer(BasePlayer member, BasePlayer target, int amount) private bool Transfer(string member, string target, int amount) private bool Transfer(ulong member, ulong target, int amount) Permissions You can set permission in config, for example: "Permission (example: banksystem.use)": "banksystem.use", You can also configure permissions for ATM breakage% Config { "Work with Notify?": true, "Commands": [ "bank" ], "Permission (example: banksystem.use)": "", "Starting balance": 100, "Card Image": "https://i.imgur.com/Br9z7Ou.png", "Transit Image": "https://i.imgur.com/h2bqMu4.png", "Withdraw Image": "https://i.imgur.com/lwVwxm3.png", "Transfer Image": "https://i.imgur.com/TBIxUnz.png", "Exit Image": "https://i.imgur.com/OGoMu9N.png", "Currency Settings": { "Display Name": "RUSTNote", "Short Name": "sticks", "Skin": 2536195910 }, "Card expiry date (in days)": 7, "ATM Settings": { "Minimum deposit fee": 0.0, "Maximum deposit fee": 10.0, "Default deposit fee": 1.0, "Step deposit fee": 0.1, "Minimum withdrawal fee": 0.0, "Maximum withdrawal fee": 10.0, "Default withdrawal fee": 1.0, "Step withdrawal fee": 0.1, "Default breakage percentage during operation": 1.0, "Breakage percentage during operation": { "banksystem.vip": 0.7, "banksystem.premium": 0.5 }, "Repair Settings": { "Items (for 1%)": [ { "Short Name": "scrap", "Amount (for 1%)": 2.0, "Skin": 0, "Title (empty - default)": "" }, { "Short Name": "metalpipe", "Amount (for 1%)": 1.0, "Skin": 0, "Title (empty - default)": "" }, { "Short Name": "metal.fragments", "Amount (for 1%)": 15.0, "Skin": 0, "Title (empty - default)": "" } ] }, "Display Name": "ATM", "Skin": 2457425342, "Spawn Settings": { "Monuments": { "compound": { "Display Name": "ATM", "Position": { "x": -3.5, "y": 1.15, "z": 2.7 }, "Rotation": -90.0, "Deposit Fee": 0.0, "Withdraw Fee": 0.0 } } } }, "Tracking Settings": { "Cost Table (shortname - cost)": { "sulfur.ore": 0.5, "metal.ore": 0.5, "hq.metal.ore": 0.5, "stones": 0.5, "crate_elite": 10.0, "crate_normal": 7.0, "crate_normal_2": 4.0 } }, "Wipe Settings": { "Wipe Players?": false, "Wipe Logs?": true, "Wipe ATMs?": true }, "NPC Settings": { "NPCs": [ "1234567", "7654321", "4644687478" ] } }
  3. Version 1.14


    Prefabs: 1904 This is a fully recreated compound with a bunch of additions including all the features from the bandit camp. Includes All original features of the compound All vending machines from the bandit camp A custom casino with the gambling wheel, slot machines, card games and bar Drone marketplace A garage with a vehicle lift Airwolf vendor Stables with vendor 5 recyclers 3 repair benches 1 refinery 6 slot machines 1 Gambling wheel 2 Card game tables 1 Vehicle lift Bandit camp NPCs Mission NPCs and a few extra sentry turrets
  4. Version 1.3.0


    A plugin that allows players to trade items at long distances across the map. Server owners can also set fees that scale based on the distance between the two players that are trading. FEATURES Customizable commands Intuitive UI (can modify the position offset) Trading fees based on distance Oxide group cooldowns ServerRewards, Economics or custom bank support Notification effects & success SFX UI player list which you can quickly send trade invites of your team or server players, with pagination and input filter Language support PERMISSIONS StaticTrader.use: To allow anyone to send trading requests to anyone. Players without this permission that have been sent a request to, can still accept the trade. COMMANDS (CONFIGURABLE) Following commands are chat and console commands. trade <player> atrade [<player>]: Accept pending trade. <player> input is optional, can exclude if there aren't more than one pending trades. dtrade [<player>]: Decline pending trade. <player> input is optional, can exclude if there aren't more than one pending trades. ltrade: Opens the player list UI on which you can browse or search through and click on them to request a trade with them. RULES Can('t) trade while building blocked. Can('t) trade while combat blocked. Can('t) trade while raid blocked. CONFIG


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