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Trade 1.2.7

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About Trade

Trade with other players using shopfront interface


  • Smooth rust interface (shopfront)
  • Moving items with right-click
  • Rust trade logic (that means no bugs)
  • Permission support (size, cooldown, etc)
  • Items blacklist


  "Command": [
  "Extra accept command": [
  "Extra decline command": [
  "Effect on completing trade": "assets/prefabs/building/wall.frame.shopfront/effects/metal_transaction_complete.prefab",
  "Effect on pending request": "assets/bundled/prefabs/fx/invite_notice.prefab",
  "Log trades": false,
  "Block trade in raidblock": true,
  "Block in building privilege": true,
  "Start cooldown after accepting trade": false,
  "Effects volume": 1.0,
  "Chat sender id": 0,
  "Permissions": [
      "Permission": "trade.default",
      "Priority": 1,
      "Size": 2,
      "Cooldown": 600
      "Permission": "trade.vip",
      "Priority": 2,
      "Size": 6,
      "Cooldown": 300
      "Permission": "trade.top",
      "Priority": 3,
      "Size": 12,
      "Cooldown": 60
  "Items black list": [


  "Usage": "Usage:\n/trade playerName\n/trade yes\n/trade no",
  "NoPending": "There are no pending trades!",
  "RequestAlreadyPending": "That player already have pending requests!",
  "TradeBegins": "Trade between {name1} and {name2} begins!",
  "RequestSent": "You sent trade request to {name}",
  "RequestReceived": "You received trade request from {name}",
  "TradeCancelled": "Trade was cancelled",
  "CantRightNow": "You can't do that right now",
  "Cooldown": "Cooldown for {seconds}",
  "Permission": "You don't have permission to do that!",
  "NoPlayers": "There are no players with that 'Name' or 'Steam ID' ({name})",
  "MultiplePlayers": "There are multiple players with that 'Name' :\n{list}"


  • trade <name or steamID> - request trade
  • trade accept/+/yes/y/a - accept trade from player
  • trade cancel/-/no/n/c - decline trade from player


Need help or custom plugin for your server?
Contact me using Discord: metangerine


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