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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0.2


    Adds a codelock to your furnace and refineries. To add a codelock, place it as you would on a chest. If the plugin is installed during wipe,type the command / refresh this will update all refineries and ovens so you can lock them. This command is useless if the plugin is installed from the start of the wipe. To use the command / refresh you will need the permission: lockoven.admin The command is customizable in the config file
  2. Version 1.1


    Midpoint is a small monument (one PvE and one ) that can be placed near roads. Convenient for new players that just joined your server and do not have teleportation rights or just simply wish to enjoy the company of others in safety around a fire pit. There are 3 vending machines, a slot machine, big furnace, small refinery, workbench 1 and 2, recycler, research table and repair bench. PVE does not require a safe zone and comes with Reactivetarget for target practice, good for some fun. PVP includes safe zone mechanism. No build was added to both pve and pvp monument. No peacekeeprs added, you can add them in either in RustEdit or in game. The package consists of two versions of the monument, specifically designed to cater to the needs of both PVE and PVP servers.
  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Oil Refinery 3 is ready to go on any map, the puzzle needs a blue card to get into the full loot. Do you want to add spice to your game on the RUST server? Then "Oil Refinery 3" is exactly what you need! This new location, which is an abandoned oil refinery, will bring a lot of new emotions and impressions to the game. New players familiar with the unusual and picturesque terrain will appear on your server, and the old people will definitely get a new challenge and surpass themselves. "Oil Refinery 3" is a great place to meet partners, strategize and search for treasures in the gloomy corners of an abandoned factory. Do not pass by this opportunity and add "Oil Refinery 3" to your server today! Features: Great detail; Simple installing; Optimized FPS; There is radiation. General Info: Prefabs count: ~4000; Type: for looting; Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology. Loot: Oil barrels: 5; Food box/crates: 5; Barrels: 30; Ordinary crates: 13; Military crates: 3; Elite crate 1; and 1 red card. Other works: You may like to take a look at a full finished maps by myself.
  4. Version 1.0


    This is my Large Oil Refinery Monument. Taken over by the Bandits, It's a fast way to process fuel.. if you can hold the territory long enough! Prefab Count: 268 The Large Oil Refinery contains the following: 12x Oil Refinery Inputs 1x Oil Pump Bandit stash of fuel NPC/Bot vendor area (Plugin needed) Prefab Modifiers Height Splat Topology Note! You will need the latest versions of Oxide and Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll to use these on a map/server.
  5. Version 1.19


    Prefabs: 1904 This is a fully recreated compound with a bunch of additions including all the features from the bandit camp. Includes All original features of the compound All vending machines from the bandit camp A custom casino with the gambling wheel, slot machines, card games and bar Drone marketplace A garage with a vehicle lift Airwolf vendor Stables with vendor 5 recyclers 3 repair benches 1 refinery 6 slot machines 1 Gambling wheel 2 Card game tables 1 Vehicle lift Bandit camp NPCs Mission NPCs and a few extra sentry turrets
  6. Version 1.0.0


    The large-sized monument that needs a blue card to get the full loot. Features: Great detail; Simple installation on your map; A lot of content; Requires a blue card for full looting Optimized fps; There is radiation. General info: Prefabs count: 4296; Type: for looting; Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology. Loot: Barrels: 90; Oil Barrels: 5 Food crates: 5; Med crates: 3; Ordinary crates: 13; Military crates: 5; and 1 red card. Other Works: You may like to take a look at a full finished maps by myself.


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