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Lock oven and refinery 1.0.3

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About Lock oven and refinery

Lock Oven & Refinery: Enhanced Security for Your Resources


The << Lock Oven And Refinery >> plugin allows you to add a codelock to your furnaces and refineries. Secure a lock in just a few clicks, the same way you would for a chest, and protect your valuable resources.


Key Features:

  • Easy Lock Installation: Add a codelock to your furnaces and refineries as effortlessly as you would to a chest.
  • Refresh Command: If the plugin is installed during a wipe, the << /refresh >> command will update all furnaces and refineries to make them lockable. This command is unnecessary if the plugin is active from the beginning of the wipe.


Configuration and Permissions:

  • Customization via Config File: Adjust the command and activate permissions as you see fit.
  • ActivePermUse: This option in the config file allows you to enable or disable the need for permission to use a lock.



  • << lockoven.admin >>: Required to use the << /refresh >> command.
  • << lockoven.use >>: Enable this in the config file if ActivePermUse is set to true, to allow users to lock their furnaces.
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