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About MidPoint Monument

Midpoint is a small monument (one PvE and one ) that can be placed near roads. Convenient for new players that just joined your server and do not have teleportation rights or just simply wish to enjoy the company of others in safety around a fire pit. There are 3 vending machines, a slot machine, big furnace, small refinery, workbench 1 and 2, recycler, research table and repair bench. PVE does not require a safe zone and comes with Reactivetarget for target practice, good for some fun. PVP includes safe zone mechanism. No build was added to both pve and pvp monument. No peacekeeprs added, you can add them in either in RustEdit or in game. 

The package consists of two versions of the monument, specifically designed to cater to the needs of both PVE and PVP servers.


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