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Fish-Z-Nator 1.0.0


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About Fish-Z-Nator

Sometimes all someone needs is a fish in the face. It just gives that finishing touch in making your point.
From now on The Fish-Z-Nator will be your best friend to win any argument you get into. Various fish flying with high speed towards your enemies and will eventually make them stop talking.

Damage, fire rate and fish speed are configurable. Spawning in The Fish-Z-Nator is regulated by a permission.







  • Shoot fish
  • Do damage (with permission)
  • Don't do damage (you choose)
  • Transform fish into fireworks when you hit a player
  • Fish everywhere
  • Bouncy fish
  • Addicting
  • Fish!




fishznator.use > for using the /fishznator command 
fishznator.fireworks > for using fireworks mode 
fishznator.dodamage > allow doing damage to other players


fishInterval = 0.05 > time between 2 lauched fish / fire rate 
fishForce = 20 > speed of the fish 
fishDamage = 0.25 > damage dealt when hitting a player, set to 0 to disable
fireWorksPercentage = 20 > Percentage of fish changing into fireworks


Join my Discord for quick support and suggestions!


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