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About Z-Billboards

The Z-Billboards plugin gives you the ability to make billboards in no-time! With the size of these eye catchers, people WILL see your server info, vending ads or king size memes.



The Z-Billboards plugin gives you the ability to make billboards of any size you want!
After creation, it is possible to add any image from the internet like you are used to with other sign mods. Multiple images are possible too. What is the first 10 x 10 sized 5 frame video you paste on your base? With the size of these eye-catchers, people WILL see your server info, vending ads, or king-size memes.

No need to edit the image yourself: When pasting an image to a billboard, it will be resized to fit your billboard perfectly. The process of splitting the image into the right amount of pieces is also done automatically. It is really as simple as pasting a normal image on a single sign.

Added in 1.4.0:
Pass an optional brightness parameter to your paste command to set the brightness of your images:

/billboard sil <url> 0.0 – 1.0 (0 = darkest, 1 = lightest)


Product features

  • Automatic placement of (neon) signs so they are always aligned
  • No photo editing required, insert the image URL and resizing, splitting and pasting is all automatically done for you
  • 3 tiers + admin tier for limiting the size of billboards
  • Limit the total amount of billboards per tier
  • Animated signs possible, pasting an image will use the next free sign
  • Toggle power & Adjust animation speed with 1 command
  • In theory, no limits regarding total size
  • Adjust brightness of the image in game



Always start with the top left Large Animated Neon Sign or an XL Picture Frame. After that, look at the sign and create the billboard:

/billboard create <horizontal signs> <vertical signs>

To paste an image, look at your billboard and use:

/billboard sil <image url>

The plugin will now download your image, stretch it to make it fit the full billboard, cut it in equal parts (the amount of neon signs) and paste every part onto the right neon sign.

Synchronize animated billboards

When pasting more than one image on a billboard made of neon signs, it will start to animate. Because not all images are pasted at the same time, it is possible the neon signs are not synchronized with each other. To solve this problem, wait for the pasting to be done and toggle your billboard’s power or speed. Both commands will ‘restart’ your billboard. All neon signs will start at the first image again.


Most images on neon signs look better when they are made a little darker. Since version 1.4.0 there is an optional brightness value you can add to the paste command. The image is pasted at it’s brightest (1.0 or 100%) by default. Lower the value to make an image darker, 0.5 means the image will be pasted at 50% brightness. To use this functionality, simply add the brightness after the URL.



/billboard create 2 2 
/billboard sil <image url> 
/billboard sil <image url> [brightness 0.0 - 1.0] 
/billboard toggle --> toggle all power on/off (this also syncs animated signs) 
/billboard destroy --> removes your billboard
/billboard speed 1.5 --> changes speed of animated signs
/billboard info --> get billboard ID and location


Console commands

billboard.toggle <billboard ID> --> power on/off billboard (needs permission zbillboards.console)



The mod comes with 4 different permissions to determine the maximum size of a billboard per player (group). It also has some other settings to tweak performance:

  "Maximum amount of signs in total (width x height) Tier 1": 6,
  "Maximum amount of billboards (any size, 0 = unlimited) Tier 1": 1,
  "Maximum amount of signs in total (width x height) Tier 2": 12,
  "Maximum amount of billboards (any size, 0 = unlimited) Tier 2": 3,
  "Maximum amount of signs in total (width x height) Tier 3": 16,
  "Maximum amount of billboards (any size, 0 = unlimited) Tier 3": 5,
  "Maximum amount of signs in total (width x height) Admin": 150,
  "Width and height of each neon sign image in pixels": 150, --> higher has better quality but uses more performance
  "Lock signs to owner after creating billboard": true,
  "Give back a Neon Sign when a billboard is removed with the destroy command": true,
  "Seconds between pasting images": 0.25 --> pasting too many image parts too fast will product lag,
  "Destroy billboard when any of it's signs gets removed, picked up or destroyed": true --> this prevents players from duplicating and selling their signs on the black market

Above (default) settings would mean a player with tier 1 can place a maximum of 1 billboard, containing 6 or less signs. 
A tier 3 player can place 5 billboards, each made of maximal 16 signs.


zbillboards.console --> to use console commands 


I managed to create billboards as big as 12 x 12 and they perform very well. Do keep in mind that the process of downloading, resizing and splitting the images is very heavy for your server. Billboards this size WILL produce lag and I recommend to let only admins have the ability to make them this big.
Since version 1.3.0, normal XL Picture Frames are supported. These signs do a lot better in terms of performance!


If you have any problems, suggestions or questions, then please let me know!
The quickest way to contact me is on Discord (josh.z) or join my Discord server to meet and discuss with other victims of my plugins!

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