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Found 12 results

  1. Version 2021.03.25


    A soviet made loading station. It's used in the 1900s, but since the cold war, the station is abandoned. \\\_____________________________INSTALLATION_____________________________/// Drag & Drop Gently adjust to the terrain and apply the biome, height, splat and topology \\\_____________________________PUZZLE_____________________________/// How to activate the security door: Activate switch on the crane. Place a fuse in the container. (located inside the red container) You need: 1 fuse 1 blue keycard You get: 1 green keycard 2 normal military crate 1 normal yellow crate
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Small RedCard-Monument with 15 individually designed apartmentrooms It includes two hidden rooms: A "fuel- and dieselbarrel" room and a loot room with one single elite crate, where nearly every item is set in the custom loot. If you know the space you need about 10 mins to run through the lootspots. The size is around 2 supermarkets long and 1 supermarket wide and has around 2900 prefabs! Its made for tundra biome. 1 blue card spawner 1 recycler 1 vending machine with custom loot 1 public phone 1 telephone 19 loot containers (tier 1-3) in total - with custom loot and default 1 drinkable watersource 3 CCTV cams 5 ore spawners 1 marketplace (dronedeliverystation) 1 static portable boombox 1 pokertable 1 chippyarcademachine 1 slotmachine 1 bigwheel with 2 bettingterminals 1 tier 2 workbench 1 repairbench 1 mixingtable 3 npc spawners (2 heavy scientist and 1 peacekeeper bandit) and for sure the one or other thing i forgot to mention You can spraycan some entities. (door, boxes, beachchairs, ect.) The area in and around the monument is prevent building zone. The monument marker (shows the name of the monument on the map) has to be added by yourself. (prefabs - monument marker - name: Abandoned Apartments) Requires: uMod/Oxide, RustEdit DLL Feedback would be appreciated.
  3. Version 1.2.0


    Small, detailed prefab that works well with normal terrain. Entire mill is modelled as a workshop (no proper bedroom). Includes: terrain (will need to be modified to blend into the map); topologies (node spawns, pickup spawns and trees); sawmill; short river; 1 normal crate, 1 military crate, 6 barrels (30 scrap per run); 634 prefabs; NO recycler, NO cards. Can be used in a similar way as water wells are used in procgen. Any bugs/ changes you want implemented please leave a comment :).
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Abandoned by time, this place now only serves as scavenging grounds. Features: - Many Locations/Object to hide behind for fighting. - High places for advantage spots. - 3 Military crates of loot, 2 Tool crates, some Normal crates, a couple of Food crates, and 1 Med crate. - 1 Random Dropzone for Chinook to drop a Hackable crate. - Working Ladders - Topos, biomes, and Splat Requirements: Oxide Extender.dll Additional Note: Would work nicely with a bot plugin of choice. Suggestion(s) or Problem(s): GangstaPichu#5175 or https://discord.gg/4xRVTdGbsu
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A small abandoned cabin with a bit of loot.
  6. Version 1.0.15


    The police department in the "abandoned" version, assembled from 7000 prefabs, has many electrical connections. It attracts with its design and is interesting to loot. There are traps, as well as many hidden boxes. I recommend adding custom NPCs via plugins for added complexity and interest for players.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Abandoned Trailer Shelter - once occupied by (drunks) murderers shelter to place for your players to find comes decorated with foliage and a useable water well. small 70 wide monument with respawning smashable barricades, some interesting seating points and loot. [Building Blocked] puzzle -smash that door x 2 Loot 2 yellow barrels 2 blue barrels 2 toolbox 1 normal green crates 2 normal crates 1 food 1 medical crate no npc's
  8. Version 1.0.5


    50% OFF THROUGH SEPTEMBER 21ST! An awesome mini map for those who want to experience a close-quarters combat style of map. HDRP compatible and ready for your next wipe day! Features: Simple, High Performance, High FPS, low prefab count! 3909 prefabs in total! Can easily be retrofitted into a existing servers needs. A refreshing look on some of rust's original monuments. Custom Mini-outpost, Satellite Dish (Ray), Convoy, Water Tower, Lighthouse, Military Bunker. Underground Bradley and sunken Custom Cargo Ship Updated to be compatible with the latest Ocean Update! Required Dependencies: This map requires the Rust Edit DLL Requires the Oxide Mod loader Open to suggestions and criticism! This is my first completed map! Contact me via discord or here on codefling! Stranger#0005
  9. Version 3.0.0


    Drag n' drop! Nothing crazy looking, something Facepunch should have made themselves. Features: Simple, High Detail, low prefab count! 2038 prefabs in total! Can easily be inserted into a existing map. A refreshing look on rust's outpost structures. Something all players can recognize. Includes an interactive Recycler and Large Oil Refinery. Loot consists of: Numerous Barrels, 4 military (green) crates, 7~ basic (tan) crates, scattered food and medical boxes. Does not include a "Monument Marker" keep this in mind when placing the monument. Exclaimer: The following video is for the Arena variant, keep in mind however that these are very similar. The difference being the surround terrain and inclusion of real loot-able crates and barrels. Enjoy! NOTE: It is suggested to place this prefab on the axis it’s on once spawned in since Rust’s terrain ‘pixelation’ limits terrain slopes when pasting in prefabs. So when dropping this prefab within your map you may have to grab the entire prefab and slightly move it to align with the terrain due to this handicap (not the prefab’s fault, just how Rust’s works). NOTE #2: It is suggested to paint your own alpha texture onto the sewer tunnel entrances, this is a problem within Rust Edit.
  10. Version 1.0.1


    A small car park roadside monument that will fit in perfectly with the new modular vehicles. The car park contains a short parkour session to find a military crate. Very suitable as a replacement for a warehouse/supermarket/gas station. This was the very first "monument" I've ever created in RustEdit. It's sitting idle in my prefab map at the moment. Uploading it here in the hopes of spicing up someone's server with it! Prefab count: < 1000 The download includes: - Car Park Prefab (including heights, splat and topology)
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is a military camp that seems to have been abandoned for a while. That doesn't mean the scientists will never return. If they need a place to fallback to or a place to take a rest after being out all day, this is the place to go. This small monument is the perfect solution to a large bland area on your custom map, and will give your island a tiny bit of backstory.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    This is an abandoned bandit outpost, assembled from scraps found around the wastes of the island, presumably made by the Bandits that infest the swamp. Oxidation and overgrowth has taken over a good portion of the structure. It is an excellent addition to any forest to give your island that much more mystery.


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