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Abandoned Island | Custom Map By Shemov 2.5

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About Abandoned Island | Custom Map By Shemov

Welcome to Abandoned Island, where adventure and survival await at every turn! Survival on a desert island has never been so addictive! The game map is designed so that players can use all their survival skills to succeed on a desert island. The map contains a large number of abandoned buildings and warehouses, settlements of survivors, as well as railway stations and a large city with villages that make the map even more interesting. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful customized landscape that is created to please the eye. Also on the map there are custom places for building bases, which gives players the opportunity to build bases in new interesting places and interact more with the map. It has become even easier and more affordable to buy a game card for the server, and today your players will be able to go into an exciting story of survival on your server!


  • Map size is 4250;
  • Prefabs count : ~100K;
  • Railways and railway stations;
  • Works with BetterNpc;
  • Works with Train Homes;
  • Underground Rail tunnels;
  • The underground railways is connected to the surface railways
  • A lot custom monuments and places on the map;
  • A lot custom places to build a base on map ( "X" on minimap );
  • There is bradley on large town
  • Custom oilrigs to build a base;
  • Custom icebergs to build a base inside them;
  • Underwater Labs;
  • Ziplines;
  • There are NPC on some locations.

Custom monuments:

  • Large Town (  A large city consisting of detailed buildings inside, there are two villages nearby, a fire station, a medical center, a police station, as well as shops and a gas station ) ( Bradley HERE );
  • Town 
  • Hangars;
  • Industrial Zone;
  • Car Dealership 1;
  • Car Dealership 2;
  • Large Warehouse;
  • Warehouse 1;
  • Warehouse 2;
  • Settlement 1;
  • Settlement 2;
  • Car Service;
  • Railway stations ( X4 ( Red brick stations, White brick station, Severo station,  Triton station );
  • Train depot;
  • Water Treatment Plant;
  • Bunker;
  • A lots custom places to build a base. ( "X" on map );
  • Underwater farm zones ( "O" on map ).


  • Outpost;
  • Bandit camp;
  • The Dome;
  • Train Yard;
  • Junkyard;
  • Satellite Dish;
  • Airfield;
  • Powerplant;
  • Nuclear Missile silo;
  • Arctic Research Base;
  • Desert Military Base;
  • Ranch;
  • Oxum`s Gas station;
  • Abandoned supermarket;
  • Large fishing village 
  • Fishing village;
  • Underwater labs;
  • Underground railway;
  • Harbor 1;
  • Harbor 2;
  • Quarries(HQM,Stone, Sulfur);
  • Large oilrig;
  • Oilrig.

My Discord: shemov#6310

A password is attached to the map. You can edit it.


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