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About Abandoned Bases

Allows bases to become raidable when all players in a base become inactive.


Compatible with TruePVE and NextGenPVE servers.

Abandoned Bases checks each building on the server in order to determine which bases are inactive. Bases become inactive when all players authorized on the tool cupboard have been offline for the configured amount of days. When a base becomes inactive there are one of two outcomes.

1.) It will be immediately destroyed if it does not meet the configured minimum requirements.

2) It will become raidable for a configurable period of time, and when the time expires the base will be destroyed.

Each zone has a map marker, allows PVP and is surrounded by a dome that protects it from being attacked from the outside. Players who zone hop will be flagged with a PVP delay where they can still be attacked for a configurable amount of time.

Command /sar - requires abandonedbases.convert permission and converts a base into an abandoned base - this can be used on any base that you are authorized to and will cause the base to be destroyed when the timer expires

Command /sab - starts a manual check for each building on the server in order to determine which bases are inactive (requires abandonedbases.admin permission)

Command /sar radius - requires abandonedbases.convert permission and converts a base into an abandoned base and uses the specified radius for the dome / zone radius. Min and max radius are configurable.

Command /sar cancel - requires abandonedbases.convert and abandonedbases.convert.cancel permissions - completely cancels an event (destroys map marker and dome, disables PVP and prevents base from being despawned) effectively allowing the base to be taken over

Command /sar claim - requires abandonedbases.convert and abandonedbases.convert.claim permissions and converts a finished abandoned base into a claimed base that can be taken over by players

Command /sar purge - converts all bases on the server into abandoned bases for purge day (requires abandonedbases.convert, abandonedbases.admin and abandonedbases.purgeday permissions)

  • This is a two part command that requires you type /sab afterwards to begin.
  • Requires abandonedbases.purgeday, abandonedbases.convert, and abandonedbases.admin permissions.
  • Announcements are muted during purge to prevent spam.
  • Time To Wait Between Spawns (15) will delay how quickly every base is converted


abandonedbases.convert - required to use /sar command
abandonedbases.convert.free - converting is free for users that have this permission
abandonedbases.convert.claim - required to use /sar claim command
abandonedbases.purgeday - required to use /sar purge command
abandonedbases.admin - required to use /sab and purge commands
abandonedbases.notices - users with this command can see all in-game notices from the plugin
abandonedbases.attack - lets players hunt bases and convert them by attacking if they're abandoned
abandonedbases.attack.time - shows players how much time is left before a base becomes abandoned when they attack it
abandonedbases.attack.lastseen - required to see the last time the player was online when attacking a base

Auto-add abandonedbases.immune to configuration if one does not exist already (lifetime set to "none")
- abandonedbases.immune will not be automatically added if the configuration contains a different immunity permission already
- abandonedbases.immune will give the user immunity to any base they've built at or are authed at from becoming abandoned
- abandonedbases.exclude does not provide immunity and is explicitly intended for the plugin to ignore the player only
- abandonedbases.exclude is intended for admins, mods, staff or helpers to be able to freely make repairs or auth at bases without interfering with the abandoned timer


  • excludes the user from being checked as an authorized user to a TC
  • this permission should not be used to exempt users - exempt users with immunity by assigning them a permission from a role that has the lifetime set to "none"

example roles that includes permission abandonedbases.immune and lifetime set to "none" to properly exempt a user or group by granting abandonedbases.immune to a user or group:

  "Purge Settings": [
      "Permission": "abandonedbases.immune",
      "Lifetime (Days)": "none"
      "Permission": "abandonedbases.vip",
      "Lifetime (Days)": "7"
      "Permission": "abandonedbases.veteran",
      "Lifetime (Days)": "5"
      "Permission": "abandonedbases.basic",
      "Lifetime (Days)": "3"

Purge Settings

  • Permission - The permission to use with this setting
  • Lifetime (Days) - The amount of time in days before a base is considered abandoned. Set to none to not consider players with this permission as inactive.
  • Conversions Before Destroying Base (1) - The amount of times a base can become abandoned before it is finally destroyed when the Despawn Timer expires.
  • Comes with 3 configured permissions and lifetime days by default

Abandoned Settings

  • Blacklisted Commands (command1, command2, command3) - Commands players are not allowed using at a raid or marked with PVP delay
  • Marker Name (Minutes) (Abandoned Player Base [{time}m]) - Text shown on map marker for minutes
  • Marker Name (Seconds) (Abandoned Player Base [{time}s]) - Text shown on map marker for seconds
  • Foundations Required (4) - Minimum amount of foundations required to become raidable
  • Walls Required (3) - Minimum amount of walls required to become raidable
  • Sphere Amount (10) - Increase to darken the dome, or decrease to brighten it
  • Sphere Radius (50) - How big the dome is in meters
  • Use Dynamic Sphere Radius (false) - Allow the dome to detect the best dome size
  • Max Dynamic Radius (75.0) - How maximum size of the dynamic radius
  • Min Custom Sphere Radius - The minimum radius allowed when using /sar <radius>
  • Max Custom Sphere Radius - The maximum radius allowed when using /sar <radius>
  • PVP Delay (15.0) - The amount of time in seconds that players can take damage after leaving the dome
  • Despawn Timer (1800.0) - The amount of time in seconds that players have to finish the raid
  • Reset Despawn Timer When Base Is Attacked (true) - When enabled this will reset the above despawn timer back to 1800 seconds by default
  • Do Not Destroy Base When Despawn Timer Expires (false) - Use this to override and prevent a base from being destroyed when Despawn Timer expires
  • Backpacks Can Be Opened (true) - When enabled players will be allowed to open their backpacks while inside of the dome
  • Backpacks Can Be Looted By Anyone (false) - Bypass PreventLooting plugin and allow backpacks to be lootable if enabled
  • Corpses Can Be Looted By Anyone (true) - Bypass PreventLooting plugin and allow backpacks to be lootable if enabled
  • Allow PVP (true) - Allows PVP while inside of the dome, and when flagged with a PVP delay
  • Seconds Until Despawn After Looting (600)
  • Seconds Until Despawn After Looting Resets When Damaged (true)
  • Cancel Automated Events If Abandoned Owner Comes Online (false)
  • Message Raiders When Event Ends During Automated Cancellation (true)
  • Change Marker Color On First Entity Destroyed (true)
  • Cooldown Between Conversions (3600) - Time required between each manual conversion of a base using /sar
  • Cooldown Between Events (3600) - Time between each event - prevents looting, damage and using /sar claim
  • Cooldown Between Cancel (3600) - Time the player must wait to use /sar cancel
  • Cooldown Between Conversions Ignored During Purge (true)
  • Cooldown Between Cancel Ignored During Purge (true)
  • Cooldown Between Events Ignored During Purge (true)
  • Prevent Hogging Ignored During Purge (false)
  • Run Once On Server Startup (false) - Check for abandoned bases immediately after server startup is complete
  • Run Every X Seconds (0.0) - The time in seconds to check for each building on the server in order to determine which bases are inactive
  • Kill Inactive Sleepers (false) - When enabled players with a permission from purge settings will be executed when they are offline for the configured amount of lifetime days
  • Let Players Kill Abandoned Sleepers (false) - Allows players to kill anyone sleeping inside of an abandoned base rather than the server killing them automatically
  • Economics/ServerRewards Cost To Manually Convert (0 = disabled) - Used with /sar command to convert any base into an abandoned base
  • Use Map Marker (true)
  • Require Event Be Finished Before It Can Be Canceled (true)
  • Various auto turret settings

Convert Bases and/or Claim Bases



/sar convert - starts raid
- can bypass economics/serverrewards cost using abandonedbases.convert.free
- can bypass cooldown using abandonedbases.convert.nocooldown

/sar claim
- destroying TC allows players to use this command to take complete ownership of a base if they have abandonedbases.convert.claim and abandonedbases.convert

/sar cancel - stops raid
- requires abandonedbases.convert.cancel
- by default `Require Event Be Finished Before It Can Be Canceled` is enabled

Despawn Timer option configures how long any base (convert or not) is raidable before it despawns. Reset Despawn Timer When Base Is Attacked influences this timer by resetting it when players attack the base

Do Not Destroy Manually Converted Base When Despawn Timer Expires should be set true in this case

Cooldown Between Conversions option configues how often players can convert a base

there are many other options in the config as well



  • misticos for giving permission to use some of his code 🙂
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