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About AutoFarm

Auto plant and pick crops in planter. Also auto water or require a water hookup to water.
When crops become ripe it will auto pick them if they have seeds in the box it will replant them in the open space.
The plant and the checks are on timers it can take anywhere from 1 to 10 min before it gets picked / planted.
There are 2 small stashes mounted to the box one will not accept items and that is where the picked items will go.. the other is to place your seeds in.

Permission = "autofarm.allow" - Perm needed to place down a Auto Farm can be changed in config.


seedsAllowedAndMultiplier - This is the item id of the seeds allowed to be auto planted. The Multiplier is x amount more crop they will get when auto picked.

  "Settings": {
    "seedStorageSlots": 6,
    "AddSprinkler": true,
    "SprinklerNeedsWater": true,
    "CallHookOnCollectiblePickup": false,
    "seedsAllowedAndMultiplier": {
      "803954639": 1,
      "998894949": 1,
      "1911552868": 1,
      "-1776128552": 1,
      "-237809779": 1,
      "-2084071424": 1,
      "-1511285251": 1,
      "830839496": 1,
      "-992286106": 1,
      "-520133715": 1
    "Permission": {
      "autofarm.allow": 7,
      "autofarm.vip": 4
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 20




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