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Attack Helicopter Modifier 1.2.0

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About Attack Helicopter Modifier

Will allow you to change the rocket types the copter accepts and can fire.
And will allow you to change there damage scale 0.0 and up
Ability to use seeker missiles with the holding of Attack_Third key at another copter for usage by the driver.
Ability to place Beancans in the storage and do a bomb run where x amount of the beancans will drop out the bottom and explode when they hit something. Driver uses USE key to deploy Passenger use the Attack_Third key to deploy.

1.0 = Normal
0.5 = half damage
And so on;

  "AttackHelicopter Settings": {
    "Chat Command": "attackHelicopter",
    "Spawn Health": 850.0,
    "Fuel Usage Per Second": 0.25,
    "Instant Startup": false,
    "Time Between Rockets": 0.5,
    "Rockets Reload Time": 8.0,
    "Rockets Per Reload": 6,
    "Add FlasherLight to tail": false,
    "Outside Decay Minutes": 480.0,
    "Inside Decay Minutes": 2880.0,
    "AutoFire Flares On Rocket Lock": false,
    "Scan Distance If Using ammo.rocket.seeker": 550.0,
    "Accepted Rockets Shortnames And Damage Scale": {
      "ammo.rocket.basic": 1.0,
      "ammo.rocket.hv": 1.0,
      "ammo.rocket.fire": 1.0,
      "ammo.rocket.seeker": 1.0
  "Blanket Bombing Settings": {
    "Enabled With UseKey": true,
    "Total Beancans To Deploy On Drop": 10,
    "Beancans Damage Scale": 1.0
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 1,
    "Patch": 2


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