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Deployable Sentry Turrets 1.3.6

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About Deployable Sentry Turrets

Lets players have a custom item to spawn in a Sentry turret Where they can add guns and ammo all configurable..

Are you running other turret plugins.like auto AUTH teams or clans then don't worry they will work on Better Sentry Turrets as well.

Sentry will also act like a samite witch is all configurable as well.

The Sentry will use a custom UI when opening the inventory to avoid the pesky player kick from the options that did not work on client side.


deployablesentryturrets.admin // to use chat command



  "Turret Settings": {
    "Require gun": true,
    "Require Ammunition": true,
    "Make Turret Work With No Power To Switch": true,
    "Required Amount Of Power To Switch": 10.0,
    "Turret Gun Scan Distance": 50.0,
    "Turret Start Health": 1500.0,
    "Allowed To Also Be A SamSite": true,
    "Sam Allowed To Target PatrolHelicopter": true,
    "Max Turret Placement In Range": 12,
    "Max Turret Scan Range": 40.0,
    "Turret AimCone": 0.1
  "Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 3,
    "Patch": 2


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