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Limit Entities 1.5.1

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About Limit Entities



Purpose of this plugin is to limit entities players can build. You are able to limit any entity by Prefab. You can get full prefabs list here. There are 2 types of limits available: global and building. For building limit check, if there is a cupboard placed - the limits of the owner of the cupboard will apply, if the cupboard is not placed - the restrictions of the owner of the first block will apply. When you run plugin for the first time no players will be limited. To apply limits you must give one or more permission from your config file to player/group. Plugin also tracks permission changes so you will not need to restart plugin after you give player new permission or add him to VIP group etc. This plugin is designed to be efficient and performant even on highly loaded servers. All growables are fully excluded from count, so you can't limit any growables with this plugin and players are able to plant them freely. I was thinking about adding this as an option but it can significantly reduce performance, so at this point decided to strict this. Can be changed if requested.

Note: If you want to have "beautiful" names even on English only, please, install Rust Translation API plugin or you will have a short prefab names only.

## Permissions

  • limitentities.immunity -- Allows player to not being limited by this plugin
    More permissions with limits are created in config file (see Configuration section below)

## Commands

  • /limits - Get current limits list

## Configuration

  • You are free to remove unnecessarily default permissions as well as add as many permissions as you want. For cases when the player has more than one, permission with higher priority will be chosen
Note: To improve performance grant permissions only to players you want to apply limits or use immunity permission to disable limits entirely
  • Enable / disable notifications / logging

  • Set SteamIDIcon steamid to set desired account icon in chat messages

  • Set commands list (default are "limits", "limit")

  • Set the % at which limit notifications appear. If set to 0 notification will appear only when limit is already reached

      "Log Level (Debug, Info, Warning, Off)": "Off",
      "Enable GameTip notifications": true,
      "Enable notifications in chat": false,
      "Chat steamID icon": 0,
      "Commands list": [
      "Warn about less then % of limit": 0.2,
      "Permissions": [
          "Permission": "limitentities.default",
          "Priority": 0,
          "Limits Global": {
            "Limit Total": 2000,
            "Limits Entities": {
              "assets/prefabs/building core/foundation.triangle/foundation.triangle.prefab": 300,
              "assets/prefabs/building core/foundation/foundation.prefab": 300,
              "assets/prefabs/building core/roof.triangle/roof.triangle.prefab": 200,
              "assets/prefabs/building core/roof/roof.prefab": 200,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/campfire/campfire.prefab": 20,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/ceiling light/ceilinglight.deployed.prefab": 50,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/furnace.large/furnace.large.prefab": 5,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/furnace/furnace.prefab": 10,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/oil jack/mining.pumpjack.prefab": 1,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/oil refinery/refinery_small_deployed.prefab": 5,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/planters/planter.large.deployed.prefab": 50,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/planters/planter.small.deployed.prefab": 50,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/quarry/mining_quarry.prefab": 2,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/search light/searchlight.deployed.prefab": 10,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/tool cupboard/cupboard.tool.deployed.prefab": 10,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/windmill/windmillsmall/electric.windmill.small.prefab": 10,
              "assets/prefabs/npc/sam_site_turret/sam_site_turret_deployed.prefab": 0
          "Limits Building": {
            "Limit Total": 1000,
            "Limits Entities": {
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/search light/searchlight.deployed.prefab": 5,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/windmill/windmillsmall/electric.windmill.small.prefab": 5
          "Permission": "limitentities.vip",
          "Priority": 1,
          "Limits Global": {
            "Limit Total": 5000,
            "Limits Entities": {
              "assets/prefabs/building core/foundation.triangle/foundation.triangle.prefab": 500,
              "assets/prefabs/building core/foundation/foundation.prefab": 500,
              "assets/prefabs/building core/roof.triangle/roof.triangle.prefab": 400,
              "assets/prefabs/building core/roof/roof.prefab": 400
          "Limits Building": {
            "Limit Total": 2000,
            "Limits Entities": {
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/search light/searchlight.deployed.prefab": 15,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/windmill/windmillsmall/electric.windmill.small.prefab": 15
          "Permission": "limitentities.elite",
          "Priority": 1,
          "Limits Global": {
            "Limit Total": 10000,
            "Limits Entities": {
              "assets/prefabs/building core/foundation.triangle/foundation.triangle.prefab": 2000,
              "assets/prefabs/building core/foundation/foundation.prefab": 2000,
              "assets/prefabs/building core/roof.triangle/roof.triangle.prefab": 1000,
              "assets/prefabs/building core/roof/roof.prefab": 1000
          "Limits Building": {
            "Limit Total": 5000,
            "Limits Entities": {
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/search light/searchlight.deployed.prefab": 20,
              "assets/prefabs/deployable/windmill/windmillsmall/electric.windmill.small.prefab": 20


## Localization

  • Plugins phrases are available on 2 languages out of the box: English and Russian
  • Plugin supports Rust Translation API which allows you to have entities names on any language Rust supports
  "Error.EntityIsNotAllowed": "You are not allowed to build <color=#FFA500>{0}</color>",
  "Error.LimitBuilding.EntityReached": "You have reached the limit <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> of <color=#FFA500>{1}</color> <color=#FFA500>{2}</color> in this building",
  "Error.LimitBuilding.Reached": "You have reached the limit <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> of <color=#FFA500>{1}</color> entities in this building",
  "Error.LimitGlobal.EntityReached": "You have reached the limit <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> of <color=#FFA500>{1}</color> <color=#FFA500>{2}</color>",
  "Error.LimitGlobal.Reached": "You have reached the global limit <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> of <color=#FFA500>{1}</color> entities",
  "Error.NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use this command!",
  "Format.Prefix": "<color=#00FF00>[Limit Entities]</color>: ",
  "Info.Help": "Get current limits: <color=#FFFF00>/{0}</color>",
  "Info.LimitBuilding": "You have built <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> of <color=#FFA500>{1}</color> entities in this building",
  "Info.LimitBuildingEntity": "You have built <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> of <color=#FFA500>{1}</color> <color=#FFA500>{2}</color> in this building",
  "Info.LimitGlobal": "You have built <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> of <color=#FFA500>{1}</color> entities",
  "Info.LimitGlobalEntity": "You have built <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> of <color=#FFA500>{1}</color> <color=#FFA500>{2}</color>",
  "Info.Limits": "\nYour global limits are:\n<color=#FFA500>{0}</color>\nYour limits per building are:\n<color=#FFA500>{1}</color>",
  "Info.TotalAmount": "Total amount: <color=#FFA500>{0}</color>",
  "Info.Unlimited": "Your ability to build is unlimited"

There is a free version on uMod, why do you even need this plugin?

  1. First of all, this plugin was designed to be efficient and performant. It uses unique caching system that should not consume no additional server resources
  2. Much more efficient building limit control system even without cupboard placed
  3. More accurate mechanism for notification messages
  4. Allows you to prevent entities placement if limit is set to 0
  5. Supports Rust Translation API so you can have full support of any language Rust supports
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