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About Give Item

 Purpose of this plugin is to give players ability to give items to themselves and others using chat command. By default nothing is allowed to anyone, so you can load plugin safely and configure it afterwards. After you're done with config (see description bellow), first you need to grant player a basic permission use. Next you will need to grant permission to at least one category of items. The list of categories is dynamic, so if you have excluded all items in a certain category, it will not appear. Now you need to grant giveto permission to players that will be able to give items to other players. If player has this permission he will be able to click on the nickname at the top left of the UI and all players list will show up.

Note: For a player to appear in the list, he must be alive

## Permissions


  • giveitem.use -- Basic permission. Nothing will work without this one.
  • giveitem.giveto -- Allows the player to give items to other players.


 Additional permissions with category names are created based on the list of items you will have. Each permission will allow the player to access all items in that category.

## Commands


  • /giveitem - Shows a user interface with a list of items by category.

## Configuration


  • Default avatar used if Image Library is not loaded or no avatar image found
  • Default amount used when the user interface is first loaded. The amount can be changed by pressing the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
  • Show admins on player select page show / hide admins from player selection list
  • Chat steamID icon used to set desired account icon in chat messages
  • Log Level (Debug, Info, Warning, Off) used to set desired logging level
  • Discord message enabled enable / disable sending messages to Discord (requires Discord Logger)
  • Discord WebhookURL use this Webhook to send message in desired channel. Leave blank to send to default chanel.
  • Exclude hidden items used to exclude items that have flag hidden (set by Facepunch)
  • Items blacklist used to exclude items by shortname
  • Commands list set desired chat command(s)

  "Default avatar": "https://i.imgur.com/9GRIb3F.png",

  "Default amount": 1,

  "Show admins on player select page": false,

  "Chat steamID icon": 0,

  "Log Level (Debug, Info, Warning, Off)": "Off",

  "Discord message enabled": false,

  "Discord WebhookURL": "",

  "Exclude hidden items": true,

  "Items blacklist": [




  "Commands list": [





## Localization

  • Plugins phrases are available on 2 languages out of the box: English and Russian
  • Plugin supports Rust Translation API which allows you to have item names in any language supported by Rust

  "Error.Dead": "Giving items not allowed when dead!",

  "Error.NoCategory": "You do not have permission to use any items category!",

  "Error.NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use this command!",

  "Error.PlayerNotFound": "Player <color=#FFA500>{0}</color> not found!",

  "Format.DiscordEmoji": ":palm_down_hand:",

  "Format.DiscordMessage": "{0} {1} `{2}` **`{3}`** gave to `{4}` **`{5}`** `{6}` x{7}",

  "Format.LogMessage": "{0} {1} gave to {2} {3} {4} x{5}",

  "Format.Prefix": "<color=#00FF00>[Give Item]</color>: ",

  "Format.Title": "Give Item",

  "All": "All",

  "Ammunition": "Ammunition",

  "Attire": "Attire",

  "Component": "Component",

  "Construction": "Construction",

  "Deployables": "Deployables",

  "Electrical": "Electrical",

  "Food": "Food",

  "Fun": "Fun",

  "Items": "Items",

  "Medical": "Medical",

  "Misc": "Misc",

  "Resources": "Resources",

  "Tool": "Tool",

  "Traps": "Traps",

  "Weapon": "Weapon"



## Developer Hooks

### OnPlayerGiveItem

object OnPlayerGiveItem(BasePlayer player, BasePlayer playerTarget, Item item)

Called when a player tries to give item to another player. If player is trying to give himself an item playerTarget will be the same as player. Returning a non-null value (default true) prevents item from being gaved.

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