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About Life Support


Tired of dying from "bots-cheaters" shots? Can't handle Bradley / Heli? Use life support to stay alive! If enabled and player has needed amount of currency - life support will heal player to maximum health instead of being dead. The most valuable thing is you keep your items and don't need to go and find your dead body. Also it can be very handy in the battle with very hard opponents (like bot-boss, Higher tier Bradley/Heli etc.)

This plugin supports both Economics and ServerRewards plugins. You may set initial price for both of them or just any you like. If both prices are set - plugin will try to use RP's first and if there will be not enough - it will check for Coins. When creating permissions you will use coefficient of the initial price so both currencies could work properly.

For example, if you set the initial price for 1000 RP and 100 Coins and create 2 permissions VIP - 0.5 and Elite 0.25 and give them both to player, plugin will try to withdraw 250 RP and if there will be not enough RP it will try to withdraw 25 Coins.

You can set the price = 0 to both initial prices and it will allow everyone with just basic permission to use it for free, or you can create as many permission - cost-coefficient pairs as you want and give them to different players/groups.

After you set everything up in your config file and give all permissions to all players/groups plugin will track for changes automatically, so if some player will be added to VIP for example or upgraded to Elite plugin will apply changes automatically without need to reload plugin. If you will edit config file you still will need to reload plugin.

By default, life support is allowed on the entire map. If you want to restrict the use of life support, you must enable the desired options in the config file.

Using cupboard so as ZoneManager zones are supported in 2 different modes:

  • Include mode will only allow players to use life support inside specific zones/cupboard range.
  • Exclude mode will prevent players from using life support inside specific zones/cupboard range.

When cupboard range is checked, team / friend / clan members are checked automatically if enabled in config file and the required plugin is installed. It means members of team / friend / clan cupboard = players cupboard. This is handy if you want to strict players to use life support only inside cupboard range or you want to allow use it everywhere except cupboard owned by other players.

## Permissions

  • lifesupport.use -- Allows player to use plugin (NOTHING will work without this one)
  • lifesupport.blocked -- Prevents player from using plugin (Has the highest priority among other permissions)
  • lifesupport.free -- Allows player to use plugin without need to pay cost (regardless of any costs permissions granted)
    More permissions with costs are created in config file (see Configuration section below)

## Commands
This plugin provides both chat and console commands using the same syntax. When using a command in chat, prefix it with a forward slash: `/`

  • /ls | /lifesupport - Toggle using of life support

## Configuration

  • Add as many permissions as you want. For cases when the player has more than one, permission with lower cost will be chosen
  • Enable / disable notifications / logging
  • Set SteamIDIcon steamid to set desired account icon in chat messages
  • Set commands list (default are "ls", "lifesupport")
  • Enable / disable modes/plugins support
  "Prevent DropActiveItem": false,
  "Prevent 'Wound' state": false,
  "Prevent Suicide": false,
  "Exclude offline players": false,
  "Exclude players in duels": false,
  "Exclude players in Raidable Bases Zones": false,
  "Exclude players in Dangerous Treasures Zones": false,
  "Use Clans": false,
  "Use Friends": false,
  "Use Teams": false,
  "Use cupboard": false,
  "Cupboard include mode (true = include mode / false = exclude mode)": false,
  "Use ZoneManager": false,
  "ZoneManager include mode (true = include mode / false = exclude mode)": false,
  "ZoneIDs": [
  "Enable notifications in chat": false,
  "Chat steamID icon": 0,
  "Enable logging": false,
  "Commands list": [
  "Server Rewards cost": 0.0,
  "Economics cost": 0.0,
  "Permission - % cost": {
    "vip": 0.5,
    "elite": 0.25

## Localization

  • Plugins phrases are available on 2 languages out of the box: English and Russian
  "Error.NoPermission": "You do not have permission to use this command!",
  "Format.Coins": "Coins",
  "Format.Disabled": "<color=#B22222>Disabled</color>",
  "Format.Enabled": "<color=#228B22>Enabled</color>",
  "Format.Free": "free",
  "Format.Prefix": "<color=#00FF00>[LifeSupport]</color>: ",
  "Format.RP": "RP",
  "Info.LifeSaved": "Your life saved. Cost = <color=#FFA500>{0} {1}</color>",
  "Info.LifeSupport": "LifeSupport is now {0}"

## API
### Developer Hooks

Called when a player is about to die (or get into wounded state if enabled in options). Returning a non-null value (true is default) will prevent life support activation

object CanUseLifeSupport(BasePlayer player)

Example of hook usage to prevent player from life saving

private object CanUseLifeSupport(BasePlayer player)
    if (playerList.ContainsKey(player.userID))
        return true;

    return null;


There is a free version on uMod, why do you even need this plugin?

  • First of all, this plugin was designed to be efficient and performant. It uses unique caching system that should not consume no additional server resources
  • Much more options and plugins native support
  • Any plugin support will be added if requested








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