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Download Ext.UiFramework.dll from releases page and place into RustDedicated_Data\Managed

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About PunishAttacker



Rust UI Framework

Download and put .dll file into "RustDedicated_Data\Managed" folder



Tired of someone shooting into your players face on your PVE server? While it deal no damage it may lead to fps loss and be really annoying. This plugin will help you to punish them.

The main idea of the plugin is to punish a player attacking another. There is variety of options in config file.

First of all, remember, after you will configurate this plugin you will need to allow damage from player to player (PVP mode) in your PVE plugin like TruePVE, NextGenPVE etc. This is needed to being able to identify and get amount of damage which one player made to another. This plugin will prevent the damage, so there is nothing to worry about. But keep in mind that from now on, PVP damage is handled by this plugin. So if you decided to unload this plugin, before you do - don't forget to block player to player damage in your PVE plugin.

Next, you need to decide what exactly you want to do with attackers to punish them.

Plugin will count every hit attacker made to another player. More hits - heavier punishment, because hits counter serves as multiplier. There are 3 thresholds by number of hits attacker made:

  1. The number of hits allowed without punishment
  2. The number of hits before death is used as a punishment
  3. The number of hits before kick is used as a punishment

Start with setting a number of hits you may allow do deal without punishment. Notifications to stop attacking players still appear if enabled in the settings. Then set initial percentage of damage that attacker will get back. For example, by default it set to 0.5, so if attacker hits another player and dealt 30 hp damage he will get 50% back = -15 hp. Additionally ServerRewards RP will be discounted (if enabled in config) by formula: Initial server reward RP amount * The number of hits attacker made. After reaching death as punishment threshold punishment include death. After reaching kick as punishment threshold punishment include kick (if enabled in config) and additionally ZLevelsRemastered levels skills amount may also be taken (if enabled in config).

There are 2 ways to inflict damage on an attacker - using the slap plugin (if activated in config and loaded) or simply by taking away health.

Here is an example of how this plugin works with default thresholds values (5, 10, 15) and Initial percentage damage (0.5) with 50 hp damage dealt by each shot.

So by default, first threshold is 5 hits without punishment. Every hit attacker made he gets notification to stop attacking players. If player will continue hitting another player and reach first threshold 5 hits, on 6th hit he will get punishment: -25 hp (-50 hp, -75 hp and so on) and -100 RP (-200 RP, -300 RP and so on). If player will continue hitting another player and reach second threshold 10 hits, on 10th hit and every hit afterwards he will get punishment: death. If player will continue hitting another player and reach third threshold 15 hits, on 15th hit and every hit afterwards he will get punishment: kick and -10 levels skills in ZLevelsRemastered.

You may also change time (5 minutes default) after which hits number will be cleared and count will start from scratch.

Zone Manager support.

If ZoneManager include mode is set to true, only attackers in specified zones will be punished. If set to false, only attackers outside specified zones will be punished.

As a bonus, this plugin may help to solve several other problems:

  1. Protect personal growables from being damaged by other players
  2. Protect personal vehicles from being damaged by other players
  3. Prevent any fireball damage

There is a problem with fireball damage in rust - you can't detect the author of this type of damage. So there is no way to know whose fireball is attacking target. This type of damage is dealt only by incendiary bullets. So to prevent players from abusing this you may want to disable incendiary bullets damage entirely.


## Permissions

  • punishattacker.use -- give player/group this permission to activate punishment system for them
  • punishattacker.immunity -- allows player to be ignored by punishment system

## Commands
This plugin provides no commands


## Configuration

  • Enable / disable notifications / logging
  • Set SteamIDIcon steamid to set desired account icon in chat messages
  • Enable / disable modes/plugins support
  "Global settings": {
    "Logging enabled": true,
    "GUI notification enabled": true,
    "Chat notification enabled": true,
    "Chat steamID icon": 0,
    "Prevent private growables damage": true,
    "Prevent private vehicles damage": true,
    "Prevent fireball damage": true,
    "Prevent self damage": false,
    "Prevent ally damage (team / friend / clan)": true,
    "Use Clans": true,
    "Use Friends": true,
    "Use Teams": true,
    "Use Duelist": true,
    "Use RaidableBases": true,
    "Prevent damage inside RaidableBases zone": true,
    "Prevent ally damage inside RaidableBases zone": false,
    "Use LifeSupport": true,
    "Use MultiEvents": true,
    "Use ServerRewards": true,
    "Use Economics": true,
    "Use Slap": true,
    "Use ZLevelsRemastered": true,
    "Use ZoneManager": false,
    "Prevent damage in ZoneManager zone": true,
    "ZoneManager include mode (true = include mode / false = exclude mode)": false,
    "ZoneIDs": [
    "Use DynamicPVP": false
  "Punish settings": {
    "Clear tracked hits number every (seconds)": 300.0,
    "Number of hits allowed before punishment": 5,
    "Number of hits before punishment is death": 10,
    "Allow kick as punishment": true,
    "Number of hits before punishment is kick": 15,
    "Initial percentage of damage as punishment": 0.5,
    "Initial Server Rewards RP amount taken as punishment": 100,
    "Initial Economics Coins amount taken as punishment": 1000.0,
    "ZLevelsRemastered levels amount to take as punishment": 10

## Localization

Plugins phrases are available on 2 languages out of the box: English and Russian

  "Format.Prefix": "<color=#00FF00>[PunishAttacker]</color>: ",
  "Punishment.Damage": "Attacking other player punishment damage: <color=#FFA500>{0}</color>",
  "Punishment.Kick": "Kicked for continuously attacking other player",
  "Punishment.Kill": "<color=#FFA500>{0}</color> was attacking <color=#FFA500>{1}</color> and was punished",
  "Warning.First": "Stop attacking players or you will be punished!",
  "Warning.Second": "Stop attacking players or you will be killed!",
  "Warning.Third": "Stop attacking players or you will be kicked!"

Log file example: punishattacker_punishments-2021-07-16.txt

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