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About FacePunch

Punch players and other things because it's fun. A very default melee weapon to protect yourself with - your goddamned fists.


  • Players: Hurt players and make them bleed to death.
  • Murderers: Hurt Scarecrows or any other humanoid and player-like / Non-Playable-Characters with your punchies.
  • Animals: Some animals want you dead. I don't support animal cruelty though.
  • Horses: I mean, why not...
  • Loot Containers: Break barrels with your fists. Your fists might start bleeding though.
  • Bradley: Bradley go brr.
  • Building Blocks: Can give damage to building blocks, and destroy twig blocks with your fists.
  • Terrain: Hit the ground or rocks. Doesn't do much, just makes your fists bleed for hitting the ground for nothing.
  • Resources: Hit trees, nodes and other gatherable stuff.
  • Water: Hit the salty ocean to heal your wounds and yourself. Punching into the salty water will give you a chance for catching Small Trout fish.


Keycard Slicing

Slice up players when holding a Keycard.


Hammer Hitting

Break ribs with the hammer. Hit any of the Punchables above to get your point across.


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