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This DLC / Addon only works in the environment of— and requires you to purchase the Ruster.NET product.

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About Ruster.NET Pro


Ruster.NET Pro is a DLC which allows server owners to modify the identity of the plugin,
by reconfiguring logos, emotes and much more.

WARNING: This file does NOT come with the core plugin (Ruster.NET), so you must purchase it first OR
get the bundle on the right-hand side section of this page to get both, the core plugin & this DLC.


Currently, this DLC allows you to modify:

  "RusterNetworkLogo": "",
  "RusterLogo": "",
  "RusterMarketplaceLogo": "",
  "RusterMarketplace2Logo": "",
  "RusterFMLogo": "",
  "RusterVerifiedTickIcon": "",
  "RusterStoriesLogo": "",
  "RusterStoriesFullLogo": "",
  "RusterSkinName": "",
  "RusterSkinId": 0,
  "RusterMarketplace24hAdvertSkinName": "24hrs lol",
  "RusterMarketplace24hAdvertSkinId": 0,
  "RusterMarketplace1wAdvertSkinName": "1 week arse",
  "RusterMarketplace1wAdvertSkinId": 0,
  "RusterBusinessCardSkinName": "card of {0}",
  "RusterBusinessCardSkinId": 2643119099,
  "AppendEmojis": true,
  "Emojis": [
      "Name": "My Example",
      "Shortname": "example",
      "IconUrl": ""

Leave the values empty or set to 0 (if they're numericals) to set to default.

Note: If you ever encounter any issues, make sure you're up to date with both plugins. If any issues still occur, please let me know.

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