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About Ruster.NET



Rust's first in-game social-media network.
See what's up, chat with friends, share your experiences and make connections. 
Ruster.NET brings you a whole new system of communication!



WARNING: As stated in the License section of the plugin, you may NOT modify the plugin in any way.
If you wish to modify the logos / colors, you may only do so using Ruster.NET Pro.
Not conforming to the license, will cause your server(s) to be permanently blacklisted.








  • Make friends, share moments and pictures you've made in the world.
  • Like, dislike or comment to your friends' posts and photos.
  • Use the Marketplace to make a quick buck.
  • Build your own marketplace and use the mass-restock feature.
  • Block users and limit toxicity.
  • Auto-moderation for obnoxious posts & censorship.
  • Pay for advertisements which last from one day to a whole week.
  • Rust+ integration.
  • ServerRewards & Economics integration.
  • Localisation integration -> if anything's wrong with any of the translations, let me know or help me translate.
  • Ruster.FM, audio player.
  • Cassette uploads (posts & DMs) -> Watch demo.
  • Voice recordings (posts & DMs) - only available for Verified users.
  • Submit your own snippets (upload 15 seconds - of your OGGs or YouTube links), only available for Verified users.
  • Photographs (DMs) -> Watch demo.
  • Sell art (Photographs & Cassettes) on the Marketplace or share them in posts.
  • Browser sounds are only heard by you -> beeps, notifications, splash sounds.
  • Hashtags used for filtering post content, the Marketplace can be sorted by sold items.
  • Feed filtering / searching.
  • Like dislike previewer.
  • SQL integration.
  • 1363290780_NewProject(34).png.1a8c86a27c45feca2d1eec954f02a589.png Blackmarket Red-Rooms.
  • 1363290780_NewProject(34).png.1a8c86a27c45feca2d1eec954f02a589.png Stories.
  • 1363290780_NewProject(34).png.1a8c86a27c45feca2d1eec954f02a589.png Cross-server support (view other servers' activities).
  • 1363290780_NewProject(34).png.1a8c86a27c45feca2d1eec954f02a589.png Privacy mode (hide real names & Steam64 IDs) when streaming.
  • 1363290780_NewProject(34).png.1a8c86a27c45feca2d1eec954f02a589.png Custom commands.
  • 1363290780_NewProject(34).png.1a8c86a27c45feca2d1eec954f02a589.png Nicknames.
  • 1363290780_NewProject(34).png.1a8c86a27c45feca2d1eec954f02a589.png Moderation tools & censoring.
  • 1363290780_NewProject(34).png.1a8c86a27c45feca2d1eec954f02a589.png Pinning posts on top of feeds.








  • Discord; Send messages through Discord webhooks whenever someone posts something new on Global Feed or in the Marketplace.
  • Ruster.Addons is a tool and API system for Ruster.NET which allows you to run or create your own addons.
    Check out the roadmap here.
  • Per-user customization.
  • Full-screen picture viewer.
  • Discount codes.

Next update:

  • Notification list.
  • Ruster.Stories.
  • Custom commands.





To successfully migrate from JSON to the SQL database, please follow the following steps:

  1. Run the save command in your console / webrcon.
  2. Update Ruster.NET to the latest in your server.
  3. Make sure your SQL database connection is alive and working.
  4. Save the server once again, for the configuration file to generate the new properties.
  5. Open the configuration file up and scroll down to the Sql section, fill it up accordingly.
      "Sql": {
        "Port": 3306,
        "Hostname": "localhost",
        "Database": "RusterNET_db",
        "Username": "root",
        "Password": "",
        "Table": "RusterNETData"
  6. After that is done, make sure you saved the configuration file, then run the o.reload RusterNET console / rcon command.
  7. While you're having the RusterNET.admin permission, run the /migratetosql chat command.
  8. The DataType property will switch to SQL and the SQL database will initialize, launch the connection and save the database on your SQL server.

Notice: You don't have to create the table or data fields as it's all automatically generated. On each save, the whole table in being wiped and the data's being recreated.




Sending friend requests will immediately notify the other user about it. Once you're friends, you may both write posts on eachothers' feeds, rather than within the Marketplace &/or Global Feed.

RustClient_jTtg76pQWU.png.95a68ab89aa985febe266344593921f2.png                               RustClient_Mv25g1YMiM.thumb.png.fd7dba74104f0b4ae52cb503d31b679a.png


Cutting ties with a friend or blocking them, will ensure mutual communication blockage.





If you're a server administrator, here's how you set the photograph uploads up:

  • Open up the RusterNET.json (config) file;
  • Go to the Imgur Application Registration form and log-in if you haven't yet;
  • Fill it up accordingly, but make sure the Authorization type is for Anonymous usage;
  • After all has been done, copy the ClientID and paste it in the RusterNET.json file config:
    • PhotographUpload -> ImgurClientId
  • To manage your Imgur Applications, go here.

626776616_RustClient_OQdgljfSTT(2).png.66a3edfb7d70735076f8d99f73ec4b35.png          RustClient_ZLqkGkxvhi.png.c5d679da61ab33b02f7de712669fc6df.png

RustClient_sLprxfv4It.png.ecb0332e5dc98c97fc33bde0c3152743.png          RustClient_JTfsFSARHx.png.af18bc813d120f36902cd46ca6061e61.png





As you probably know, Stories on other social medias are pretty much posts that last for 24 hours. Same thing in Ruster.NET. You may add a message to your Photographs so they're also included with the Story you're willing to post.

Users can upload up to 5 stories at once, so use your space wisely. Once the stories run out, you'll be notified of how many views it has gained, in the notification list & push.

For users to be allowed to use Stories, an administrator must give specified users or groups permission: RusterNET.story.




  "LogLevel": -1,
  "DataType": 0,
  "UniqueId (Must not be null/empty)": "defaultid",
  "Ads": {
    "AdvertPrice24h": 5000,
    "AdvertPriceMultiplier1w": 6.5
  "Tax": {
    "Amount": 0.9
  "Marketplace": {
    "MaximumStackSizeEachItem  (-1 = Default stacksize for the item)": -1,
    "MaximumStackSizeWholeStack  (-1 = Default stacksize for the item)": 100000,
    "MinimumPrice": 0,
    "MaximumPrice": 2500,
    "BlacklistedItems": [
  "Look": {
    "AdminNameColor": "#de3535",
    "ModeratorNameColor": "#a3de35"
  "DMs": {
    "MustBeFriendsToDM": true,
    "DeleteOwnMessagesCooldown": 1800.0
  "Notifications": {
    "VerticalOffset": 0.0
  "Sounds": {
    "FFMPEGPath": "",
    "PlayStartup": true,
    "PlayBeeps": true,
    "PlayLikes": true,
    "PlayDislikes": true
  "PhotographUpload": {
    "ImgurClientId": "my_client_id"
  "Cooldown": {
    "ButtonPress": 0.5,
    "BusinessCardCreation": 60.0,
    "RustPlusNotifications": 4.0
  "Currency": {
    "ItemShortname": "scrap",
    "ItemSkinId": 0,
    "Currency Type (0 = Item, 1 = ServerRewards, 2 = Economics": 0
  "Profanity": {
    "BannedWords": [
      "bad word",
    "BannedWordReplacements": [
      "good word",
  "Sql": {
    "Port": 3306,
    "Hostname": "localhost",
    "Database": "RusterNET",
    "Username": "root",
    "Password": null,
    "Table": "RusterNET"
  "Localisation": {
    "DefaultLanguage": "en-GB",
    "Languages": []




The Ruster.NET Marketplace is a place for you to sell items you don't use anymore or want to sell it for triple the price. 


How It Works

The way the marketplace works is quite simple. Keep reading to understand how it all works.

Marketplace posts are like regular posts, except that you may set up your items you want to sell and the price you want to receive once a player purchased them. These posts you only find when you're in the marketplace panel. On the purchase, if the marketplace listing becomes out-of-stock, it's only visible for the creator of the post until the post owner is refilling the listing.


When you have more than one listing or a whole lot of post listings, you may mass restock using the "RESTOCK" button (next to the "WITHDRAW" button), hold a hammer and hit an unlocked storage container filled with items for those listings to automatically take out and restock. You may also individually restock your listings when you're the owner and have opened the post in full-screen. Drag and drop the item in the stash slot when it shows up.

If you changed your mind from restocking, press [USE] to return to Ruster.NET.

The owner of the server may configure the currency, and minimum / maximum price amounts players can set for their listings.




Adverts can be modified in the Marketplace panel.
Your active (or inactive) adverts will show up first. If any an advert that an user has posted is not stocked or needs restocking, they'll not be used by the algorithm which shows them on various feeds in different occasions.


To create adverts, you may purchase two different kinds from the Marketplace. The 24h one allows you to post and sell items within 24 real-time hours. The 1w one lasts for a whole week.


777411996_image(7)(1)(1)(1).png.89841f4edda8f8e45b02d1b4b50bbf32.png                               316612542_image(7)(1)(1)(2).png.06e7bd4d7a7632e5020e7b1e23368e8d.png

Ruster.NET 24h Advert                                Ruster.NET 1w Advert
   Costs: 5,000 x Scrap                                            Costs: 35,000 x Scrap
   Skin: 2501319446                                                            Skin: 2501320266







They work like real social media hashtags, add them to your posts and they'll be seen above the feed you're in. The more posts with the same hashtags, they'll be trending and be available for other users to filter their feeds with. You may use the mignifying glass icon to search by content - which is found in any of the feeds you can surf through.

Marketplaces' hashtags will automatically filter the frequently sold items which will allow you to easily see the best prices which fit your needs.






Create business cards to allow strangers to send you a friend request and connect with you.

RustClient_H9DL5XVnbx.png.15b5da492887dcfc11f52874ba17228b.png                               2101847419_image(7)(1)(1)(3).png.24226a658f3efdd56571dd26164e18f2.png

                                                                                                                                        Ruster.NET Business Card
Skin: 2505386906




Send private messages to friends, share your location on the map and react to their messages!


image.thumb.png.1b9a1387232044116d55631d44a2709c.png               image.png.1c783f7e848b1596eab6dd70ad98b99f.png        





Ruster.FM is Ruster.NET's audio player which you can play YouTube or direct URL snippet audio clips in your browser. Make sure you're doing the following for your server to successfully upload the clips for your players. To note: only Verified Ruster.NET users may use the Upload Audio feature.

  • Download FFMPEG from here.
  • Open up the ZIP file and in the bin folder, extract ffmpeg.exe into your server at an ideal location (recommended oxide/temp).
  • After that is done, you may now click on the Upload Song when you're in the New Post panel.
  • Fill up the fields, and when ready, press Upload.
  • After the upload's complete, make sure you're publishing it. Then, you're good to go!

The URL can be a YouTube URL or a direct-link MP3/audio file. Only allow trusted players to use it (with the RusterNET.verified permission).
The limit for the audio clips is 15 seconds. As of now, the way Rust allows me to store audio files, limits me like that. Will revisit some other time, and then for sure will implement a longer duration.





  • /getruster: Will give you the Ruster.NET item which when held, it'll bring up the browser. (needs RusterNET.getruster permission)
  • /launchruster: It'll bring up the browser. (needs RusterNET.launch permission)
  • /get24hadvert: Will give you the Ruster.NET 24 hour Advert item which when held, you'll be able to create an advert for an item to sell. (needs RusterNET.get24hadvert permission)
  • /get1wadvert: Will give you the Ruster.NET 1 week Advert item which when held, you'll be able to create an advert for an item to sell. (needs RusterNET.get1wadvert permission)
  • /ruster [player name/id]: Will pull up the browser of someone and preview it as you'd be them. (needs RusterNET.admin permission)
  • /rusteran [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets all notifications (Rust+ ready).
  • /rusterrp [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets Rust+ notifications (Rust+ ready).
  • /rusterpn [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets push notifications (Rust+ ready).
  • /rusterfn [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets friends notifications (Rust+ ready).
  • /rustercn [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets chat notifications (Rust+ ready).
  • /rusterpm [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets Privacy Mode (Rust+ ready).
  • /pinrusterfm [true/false/none (toggle)]: Toggles or sets Ruster.FM pinning (Rust+ ready).
  • /migratetosql: Migrates local JSON database to SQL. (needs RusterNET.admin permission)


  • launchruster: It'll bring up the browser. (needs RusterNET.launch permission)
  • closeruster: Forcefully closes Ruster.NET - helpful in cases it gets stuck. Please report if it ever does.
  • DEBUG clearrustertc: Wipes all Team conversations from Ruster.NET. (needs RusterNET.admin permission)


  • RusterNET.admin: Will allow administrators to run all admin-only commands stated above -> Having this permission will allow you to:
    • purchase free-of-charge Marketplace listings / adverts for testing and administrative purposes.
    • purchase your own Marketplace listings / adverts.
    • delete ANY Marketplace listings, adverts &/or posts.
  • RusterNET.moderator: Will allow moderators to delete posts/adverts of other users -> Having this permission will allow you to:
    • delete ANY Marketplace listings, adverts &/or posts.
  • RusterNET.use: Will allow anyone open up the Ruster.NET browser and any other Ruster.NET-related items -> Having this permission will allow you to:
    • view the Ruster.NET browser in any way.
  • RusterNET.launch: Will allow anyone open up the Ruster.NET browser -> Having this permission will allow you to:
    • can run the /launchruster (chat) and launchruster (console) commands.
  • RusterNET.verified: Anyone that has this will be marked as verified -> Having this permission will allow you to:
    • you'll get the blue tick as you're verified, it's just a marker, can be used to your own benefit through add-ons.
  • RusterNET.getruster: Will allow anyone to run the /getruster command -> Having this permission will allow you to:
    • can run /getruster to get the Ruster.NET browser item, which when earned, put it in your hotbar and click the according button to pull it up.
  • RusterNET.get24hadvert: Will allow anyone to run the /get24hadvert command.
  • RusterNET.get1wadvert: Will allow anyone to run the /get1wadvert command.
  • RusterNET.story: Will allow anyone to upload Ruster.NET Stories.
  • RusterNET.internet: Will allow anyone to access the Internet. Will enable to find the "View Servers" button.




(c) Raul-Sorin Sorban — 2021
All rights reserved




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