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About Portable Workbench

Portable workbench provides you and your population a satisfying addition to the server(s) you're hosting! With high levels of customization, this plugin allows you to access any levels of workbenches from any spot on the map for an amount of time— relative to groups players are in. 



  • Highly customizable and simple-to-use system for admins and/or regular players.
  • Use /workbench 1-3 (by default, can modify in the config) to start accessing a workbench.
  • Craft bench-leveled items from anywhere in the game world!
  • Intuitive config system, allowing custom chat icon and phrases.
  • Option of requiring players to have placed the level of workbench somewhere they're willing to access.



  • PortableWorkbench.use1: Allows you and the players to "wirelessly" access level 1 workbenches.
  • PortableWorkbench.use2: Allows you and the players to "wirelessly" access level 2 workbenches.
  • PortableWorkbench.use3: Allows you and the players to "wirelessly" access level 3 workbenches.



  • Can('t) use while building blocked.
  • Can('t) use while combat blocked.
  • Can('t) use while raid blocked.


Following commands are chat and console commands.

  • workbench 1-3: Allows access to specified workbench - if there's no input, it auto-selects level 1 workbench.




         "Prefix": "Portable Workbench",
         "OpenCommand": "workbench",
         "ChatIconSteamId": 0,
         "AllBenchCooldownCheck": false,
         "Rules": {
                  "CanUseWorkbenchWhileBuildingBlocked": true,
                  "CanUseWorkbenchWhileCombatBlocked": true,
                  "CanUseWorkbenchWhileRaidBlocked": true
         "Phrases": {
                  "CooledDown": "You're in cooldown.\n<size=12><color=orange>{0}</color> seconds left.</size>",
                  "AlreadyUsedBench": "You're already cooled down by a different Workbench. Please wait until that ends.",
                  "PlacementRequirement": "In order to use level {0} workbench, you must place one somewhere on the map.",
                  "BuildingBlocked": "You're building-blocked.",
                  "CombatBlocked": "You're combat-blocked.",
                  "RaidBlocked": "You're raid-blocked."
         "WorkbenchPlacedRequirement": {
                  "default": true
         "Workbench1UseTime": {
                  "default": 60.0
         "Workbench2UseTime": {
                  "default": 30.0
         "Workbench3UseTime": {
                  "default": 10.0
         "Workbench1GroupCooldowns": {
                  "default": 10.0
         "Workbench2GroupCooldowns": {
                  "default": 30.0
         "Workbench3GroupCooldowns": {
                  "default": 60.0

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