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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.0.2


    Allows you to increase the damage from radiation.
  2. CASHR


    Version 1.0.5


    InfoHudBar A beautiful and informative HUD bar for your server. Product Features Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions. Updating information in the menu Custom setting of menu buttons. The optimized plug-in operation will not load your server and the player's client. Display of events [ Airplane, Helicopter, Ship, Oil Rigs, Tank ]. Display balance of plugin Economics Plugin Config PLUGIN CONFIG I also make unique custom plugins, you can contact me at discord - CASHR#6906
  3. CASHR

    Rocket Event

    Version 1.0.9


    Rocket Event This plugin will add a new event to your server, which will diversify your server. Product Features Automatic generation of positions for any map. Detailed loot setup Possibility of manual start-up(/rocket || /rocketoff – only for admin Maximum optimization of the plugin in order to reduce the load on your server! PLUGIN CONFIG I also make unique custom plugins, you can contact me at discord - CASHR#6906 VIDEO REVIEW
  4. CASHR


    Version 1.0.2


    The plugin changes the mechanics of fuel use in cars. Now, before putting fuel in the gas tank, the player needs to find a canister and use it to fill the fuel. The player can find the canister in any box. From features: The player will not be able to pick up / put fuel in the tank. If a player drinks gasoline , they will be poisoned. It is possible to "suck" the gasoline from the tank, for this you need a hose. Flexible configuration of fuel purchase, you can use both the item and the balance of the economy. Later you will see a video, to fill up the car you need to press the RECHARGE key. To drain the gas you need to click the right mouse button
  5. Version 2.0.0


    The plugin adds a trading system to your server. The player can put the resource up for sale and get what he needs in return. Of the features: 1. Limit of lots per player. 2. The ability to delete lots by the administrator. (permishn market. moder) 3. When creating a lot, the player can specify which body kits are necessary and the minimum strength of the object 4. Added support for the economy(The player can both sell his balance and buy for it) 5. The interface has been changed(because there are a lot of pictures (namely objects) with frequent creation of lots, the RAM is clogged. I recommend reminding players about the gc.unload command (to clear RAM)) 6. The interface uses only images of game items and avatars of the user. 7. Added the lang file. 8. The warehouse has been moved to "My lots" 9. The item is now saved completely, up to the cartridges in the clip. 10. In the config, it is possible to configure the items that are specified as the price. 11. In the config, it is also possible to configure all the colors. 12. Support for custom items. The command to open the interface: /market Report all bugs here, they will be fixed in a timely manner. Thank you for reading my work, all the best
  6. CASHR


    Version 2.1.3


    The plugin adds the ability to install a mining farm on your server. Features There is a full drop setting. Set the minimum charge and the desired frequency(for more information, see the configuration) It is possible to connect any economy Command to get all components for the farm: /getfarm-available only to the administrator Added the givefarm console command(for issuing components via the store). Example: givefarm Name/steamid battery/light/broadcast. The plugin was tested on 2 servers, no problems were found. All bugs will be fixed as they are found. I will also be happy to hear your suggestions for improving the plugin.
  7. CASHR


    Version 1.0.0


    The plugin allows the player to change their nickname. Command /setname Nickname Permissions permission: namechange.use
  8. CASHR


    Version 1.0.2


    LuckyClick is an amazing plugin that allows your players to participate in the lottery every day, thereby they will be able to increase their game balance. - Display of the latest winners - Easy to install - Easy to set up - Optimized plugin - The plugin is compatible with: 1) Economy, 2) Bank of System, 3) ServerReward -Tthe ability to change the interface text to suit your language. (Lang file) Plugin Config { "Image settings": [ { "Name": "COIN", "Path": "LuckyClick/Images/coin.png" } ], "A chance to win": 30, "Rate multiplication factor": 2.0, "Number of attempts per day": { "luckyclick.default": 600, "luckyclick.vip": 15, "luckyclick.elite": 20 }, "Minimum bid": 10.0, "Maximum bid": 100.0, "Use Economics?": false, "Use ServerReward?": false, "Use BankSystem?": true, "Name of the currency to display in the table": "RC", "Use effects when winning/losing?": true }


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