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About Cornucopia

Amidst the golden hues of November's harvest, our sprawling map unfurls a bundle of adventure. A. Town Bank, its vaults brimming with autumn's bounty; Burning Men rise like the last flames of fall, a testament to the fiery spirit of competition. As players navigate through this sprawling landscape of fields and farms, they'll discover hidden caves ripe with secrets. Our map is designed with strategy and survival in mind, where only the most cunning will reap the rewards of victory.


Prefabs: 33к

Size: 3000

Designed to look like a classic Cornucopia.

Several Custom Monuments

Farming and Harvest Season Themes

Supports BankHeist, and BetterNpc

We plan to continue adding to this map, if there are any bugs or flaws we will correct them with haste!


Custom Monuments:

Abandoned Tunnels - A long winding tunnel system filled with abandoned cars and forgotten belongings. 

A. Town - A large town divided by a coaling tower and pumpjack. On one end, the HQM quarry and slums, on the other, high living and A. Town Bank.

Mushroom Caves - Vibrant glowing green mushrooms fill this cave network, explore and steer clear of the Nomads in the underground terrain. 

Coca Farm - A Coca orchard and facility. Farmers and Coca Dealers protect the area from would-be theives. 

Burning Men - A small frontier village that has captured giants and set them ablaze. Loot the area and see what they're burning.

Hay Farm - A simple Hay farm with simple farmers ready to defend their land, and loot!

Bradley Vineyards - A wide open vineyard custom designed for Bradley to drive through the weaving trails. Soldiers are stationed at each bend to add to the difficult open environment.

Mining Tunnels - A short tunnel on the railroad filled with metal and sulfur nodes. This dangerous bottleneck is designed to be a risky reward!

Abandoned Lighthouse - Same lighthouse, but on top of a huge cliff with a built in hermit settlement.


Facepunch Monuments:

Oxum's Gas Station

Large Oil Rig

Small Oil Rig

Bandit Camp

Large Fishing Village


Ferry Terminal

Large Harbor

Satellite Dish

HQM Quarry

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