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The Jungle 1.0.0

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About The Jungle

Created to simulate a Jungle Biome efficiently and harmoneously across an entire map. Feel out an entirely more dynamic landscape with forested plateaus, levelled rivers, ancient ruins, and cannibal camps. Much of the map has been meticulously hand-crafted to be unique and enjoyable.

The Jungle Trailer:

Size: 4600
Prefabs: 120k

Map Designed to create a whole new biome look - Jungle.

Tall Zipline Treehouses Replace typical Zipline Powerlines.

Lush Jungle Rock Formations Replace typical Rock Formations.

Unique Jungle Trees Grow Around Ancient Ruins.

Buildable floating islands.

Climbable Vines around the entire map.

Supports Bank Heist, Better Npc, Zombie Horde

Additional content will be added to the map over time, reports will be dealt with ASAP.


Custom Monuments:

Jungle Research Base - A faithful representation of Arctic Research Base in a lush Jungle Environment.

Ancient Ruins A - Two Entrances to the ruins exist, one through a large sinkhole and another through an underground river. This ruin houses a 'vault door' with vault loot.

Ancient Ruins B - One Entrance through a sinkhole to the underground ruins. There are also above ground ruins with enemies and loot. The below ground ruins house a 'vault door' with vault loot.

Ancient Ruins C - Above ground ruins with a portion of the ruins floating on a sky island. No vault on the island but three elite crates are at the top. SAMs in the area prevent players from flying straight to the top.

Fish Market X2 - A small abandoned dock converted to a fish market.

Roadside Stand X3 - Small fruit stands with loot on the roadsides.

Small Gas Pump X2 - Small pump site, some loot.

Large Gas Pump X2 - Larger version of the small gas pump, more to explore but still smaller than an Oxum's.

Small Cannibal Camp X2 - Cannibals Roam these camps, some loot can be found here but not without a fight!

Large Cannibal Camps X3 - Larger Camp, Larger Hordes.

Radiation River - A highly radiated river, lots of node spawns with high risks!

Abandoned Lighthouse - Very Tall cliffrock with high verticality leading to vanilla lighthouse monument.

Facepunch Monuments:

Bandit Camp

Fishing Village

Large Fishing Village


Large Harbor

Small Harbor

Satellite Dish - Heavily Jungle Forested


The Dome

Missile Silo

Abandoned Military Base - Added Bradley APC Path

Giant Excavator Pit - Heavily reworked into a forested island for more ambush potential.

Large Oil Rig - Underground Tunnels Hatch Nearby

Small Oil Rig - Underground Tunnels Hatch Nearby

Underwater Labs - Middle of the Jungle Lake

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