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The Archipelago 1.0.3

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About The Archipelago

A strong water map for your arsenal, The Archipelago makes use of dozens of water based themes into one solid design for all types of players. Featuring a volcano, underwater ice trench, giant swamp biome, and a unique boating/railroad - You won't want to pass up your chance to explore this one! We've taken the time to run this one through the community filter not once, but TWICE with our players, and had an amazing response. Water Based Gameplay is encouraged with extra boat, jet ski(snowmobile) and Tugboat spawns, as well as additional underwater diving spots and other unique hidden goodies to explore.


Prefabs: 35k

Size: 4000

Map Designed to Encourage More Water Based Gameplay

Extreme Biome Ranges

Supports Bank Heist, BetterNpc, Drone Event, Zombie Horde, Jet Ski

We plan to continue adding to this map every rotation, if there are any bugs or flaws we will correct them with a report.


Custom Monuments:

Sinkhole - A freshwater sinkhole with underwater entrances

Quarry Settlements - All three quarries in one spot, loaded with abandoned houses on stilts

Abandoned Barges - A forgotten pile of barges now adopted by a tribe of cannibals

Volcanic Island - An active volcanic island patrolled by angry drones

Abandoned Lighthouse - Same lighthouse, but on top of a huge cliff with a built in hermit settlement

Old Bridge - A damaged two way highway bridge with railways and abandoned cars

Fish Market - A small market which appears to have sold fish mostly

Pirate Plateaus - A group of pirates have settled in some high sea rocks and wait for you to steal their loot

Cargo Wreck - An overturned Cargo Ship with a locked vault on board

Arctic Trench - An underwater mining trench, drones still mine deep in the water aimlessly

Bradley Road - Passes through both Arctic Research and Missile Silo Monuments

Double Oil - Both small and large oil rigs with underwater labs


Facepunch Monuments:

Missile Silo


Oxum's Gas Station

Bandit Camp

Large Barn

Large Fishing Village

Fishing Village

Small Fishing Village


Ferry Terminal

Large Harbor

Satellite Dish

Train Station

Arctic Research Base

Sulfur Quarry - Integrated into Quarry Settlement Monument

Stone Quarry - Integrated into Quarry Settlement Monument

HQM Quarry - Integrated into Quarry Settlement Monument

Large Oil Rig - Part of Double Oil

Small Oil Rig - Part of Double Oil

Underwater Labs - Part of Double Oil

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