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About Snowflake

The ultimate Rust Xmas map! Completely covered with festive lights and decorations, Snowflake has a highly unique christmas feeling everywhere you go. It's Custom Monuments were aesthetically made to be full of dazzeling bright lights and designed to be challenging for both PVE and PVP players. Rob Santa's Vault, steal his sack, see who's on the naughty and nice list at Santa Tower. Visit Santa Town by Land or Train, but not by sky, this is protected airspace here! Find your fill at Gingerbread Globe, a massive ice dome filled with sweets and Gingerbread People! Their vault contains some goodies and a secret entrance to the Gingerbread Mines - SHHHH! Between the mountain ranges you can find icebergs, frozen lakes, rivers, and small patches of fertile soil. And did I mention the ziplines? There's a few to say the least, spread across the entire Snowflake, there's no reason to worry about travel time across the tretherous terrain.

Prefabs: 56к

Size: 3000

Map Designed in the image of a Snowflake.

90% Arctic Biome

Xmas and Winter Themes

Supports BankHeist, BetterNpc, Armored Train

We plan to continue adding to this map every Xmas, if there are any bugs or flaws we will correct them with a report.


Custom Monuments:

Santa Town - A beautiful little Xmas town filled with Elves, tiny houses, and presents!

Santa Tower - Santa's Observational Tower, break into his vault, steal his presents straight out of his sack!

Gingerbread Globe - An Ice Globe filled with Gingerbread People and their Xmas Tree. Rob their vault, their mines, and climb their Xmas Tree to new heights!

Gingerbread Tunnels - Classic Gingerbread Tunnels connected to the Gingerbread Globe Vault. 

Gumdrop Cave - A mining cave full of nodes, ice, and gumdrop lights!

Coaling Tower/Polar Express Logistics - Train Station's Functional Coaling Tower redressed for the Xmas Spirit


Facepunch Monuments:

Oxum's Gas Station - Xmas Decorated!

Abandoned Supermarket - Xmas Decorated!

Large Oil Rig

Small Oil Rig

Bandit Camp - Xmas Decorated!

Large Fishing Village

Small Fishing Village

Outpost - Xmas Decorated!

Ferry Terminal - Xmas Decorated!

Large Harbor - Xmas Decorated!

Satellite Dish - Xmas Decorated!

Arctic Research Base - Xmas Decorated!

Dome - Xmas Decorated!

Sulfur Quarry

Underwater Labs

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