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About The Earth Apocalypse : Remastered

This is The Earth Apocalypse, the most known custom map in Rust history, now available on Codefling ! This map has been showcased and played by Facepunch themselves, along with many youtubers such as Frost, hJune and more who made movies/livestreams and videos on it ! The map constantly receive new updates to keep in line with new rust contents.







The Earth – Apocalypse by Keirox. The craziest rust custom map ever made. Years of hardwork. This map features a post-apocalyptic city, many unique monuments, crazy electricity puzzles, custom caves, and much more… So many places to explore and great things to experience. When this map released it was an huge earthquake to the custom map world thanks to it’s endless amount of content and awesome builts, and it inspirated a lot of people. This map has also been showcased by Facepunch and multiple youtubers.





– Map Size : 5800 (Ocean) Terrain equal to 3500km
– Monuments : Launch Site, Harbor, The Dome, Super Market, Compound,  Giant Excavator, Large Oil Rig, Submarine Labs, Fishing Villages, Farm, Missile Outpost, Nuclear Silo, Ferry
– Custom : Installation 07, AC-130 Hangar, The Golden Gate Bridge, AC-130 Crash Site, Apocalyptic City, Infected Scientist Bunker, Mariana Trench, Abandonned Outpost, Custom Caves, Sea Safezone, and more.

Performance is on point and everything is setup for vanila gameplay.

Prefabs count : 72,500

Keirox Custom Maps Discord : https://discord.gg/Yec8RP6

Keirox Custom Maps Website : https://rust-keiroxcustommaps.com/


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