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About Armored Train

This plugin will add an armored train to your server, which can travel both in the subway and by rail.
It can consist of any number of wagons. A helicopter can accompany it.
Bradley, npc, turrets, simsites can be installed on the train.
The plugin allows you to create any number of train presets, for which the order of wagons, the helicopter preset, the probability of spawn and the duration of patrolling can be specified. Each wagon or locomotive can be configured separately. Any speed can be set by the locomotive.If there is no spawn of trains on the surface on your custom map, read the section “Custom spawn points”



By default, one of the presets of the train is a locomotive and a caboose. This train does not attack players first and there is no loot on it. It is intended only for players to travel around the map.
You can add a caboose wagon to any other train, or create your own galley train with any number and any set of wagons.

 Halloween Update

Have you already prepared your server for Halloween?
On the eve of the Halloween Rust update, I have prepared for customization of all armored train cars.
After installing the update, customization will be automatically applied to all cars in the configuration of the armored train. To disable this, make the "Customization preset" parameter empty in the config.

Custom spawn points

If you are using a custom map in which there are no spawn trains on the surface, but there is a railway, then for the train to work on the surface, you need to add custom spawn points of the train.

  • Stand at the point where you want the train to spawn
  • Enter the command /atrainpoint
  • If you receive a message that a point has been created, enable “Use custom spawn coordinates [true/false]” in config

For correct operation, it is recommended to create several spawn points of the train


Chat commands (only for administrators)

  • /atrainstart– launches the event in a random configuration
  • /atrainstartunderground - forcibly launches an event underground
  • /atrainstartaboveground - forcibly launches an event aboveground
  • /atrainstart <trainPresetName> –  launches the event in the <trainPresetName> configuration
  • /atrainstartunderground <trainPresetName>
  • /atrainstartaboveground <trainPresetName>
  • /atrainstop– stops the event
  • /atrainpoint– creates a custom spawn point of the train in your position


Console commands (RCON only)

  • atrainstart– launches the event in a random configuration
  • atrainstartunderground - forcibly launches an event underground
  • atrainstartaboveground - forcibly launches an event aboveground
  • atrainstart <trainPresetName> –  launches the event in the <trainPresetName> configuration
  • atrainstartunderground <trainPresetName>
  • atrainstartaboveground <trainPresetName>
  • atrainstop – stops the event



  • en – example of plugin configuration in English
  • ru – example of plugin configuration in Russian


Dependencies (optional, not required)


  • bool IsArmoredTrainActive()
  • bool StopArmoredTrain()
  • bool StartArmoredTrainEvent()
  • bool EndArmoredTrainEvent()
  • bool IsTrainBradley(uint netID) 
  • bool IsTrainHeli(uint netID) 
  • bool IsTrainCrate(uint netID) 
  • bool IsTrainSamSite(uint netID) 
  • bool IsTrainWagon(uint netID) 
  • bool IsTrainTurret(uint netID) 
  • Vector3 ArmoredTrainLocomotivePosition()



  • OnArmoredTrainEventStart
  • OnArmoredTrainEventStop


Contact me in Discord: Adem#9554

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