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About Custom Modules

Let your players use cars in a new way! The plugin will allow cars to float, driving underwater, use jet propulsion and become a mobile turret. You can configure any number of different modules. They can combine many functions, for example, a turret can be installed on a floating or underwater module. Modules are custom items that can be added to kits or loot tables of crates, sold in a server store, or may randomly appear on modular cars.


Types of modules

Buoyancy module. Adds a buoyancy point to the car. The modules should be placed symmetrically or in the center of the machine in order to allow it to float well. For this module, the buoyancy force, the turning speed and the speed of movement on the water can be configured.

Turret module. The module works only if there is a driver in the cabin. It can contain any number of turrets. If the car is closed, then other players will not be able to authorize in its turrets.

Jet module When the shift button is pressed, the car accelerates with the help of jet propulsion. For each module of this type, the thrust force and additional fuel consumption can be configured. Any number of fire rocket launchers can be placed on the module.

Remote control module A camera is installed in this module, for which you can change the frequency. Knowing the frequency, you can connect to the car using a computer station and control it.

Underwater module Allows the car to move underwater.


Chat commands (For administrators!)

  • /givemodule <Custom item shortname> – give the item to yourself.
  • /customcarspawnpoint – adds a custom spawn point of a random custom car to the monument or to the map if the point is outside the monument
  • /customcarspawnpoint <Custom car preset name> – adds a custom spawn point of <Custom car preset name> to the monument or to the map if the point is outside the monument


Console commands (RCON)

  • givemodule <userId> <Custom item shortname> <amount> – give the item to player.



  • en – example of plugin configuration in English
  • ru – example of plugin configuration in Russian
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