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About JetPack

This plugin will add a jetpack to your server. The jetpack can be placed in loot crates, as well as given by the command. To use the jetpack, you need to put fuel in a belt container. The player will take damage from the collision. The force of the jet thrust, as well as the speed of rotation on various axes are adjusted. In order for a player to put on a jetpack, he needs permission, which is specified in the config.

Jetpack can be given by those players who have the appropriate permission. This can also be done via Rcon. Players cannot walk with a dressed jetpack!


  • Space - thrust;
  • w/s - pitch axis;
  • a/d - yaw axis;
  • Shift/Ctrl - cren axis;
  • Middle mouse button - put on/take off the jetpack (optional).

Console commands

  • givejetpack  -  give a jetpack to yourself;
  • givejetpack <userid> -  give a jetpack to player.

Chat commands

  • jet - put on/take off the jetpack;
  • givejetpack  -  give a jetpack to yourself .

Plugin Config


  • "Prefix of chat messages"
  • "Permission to use"
  • "Permission to give to other players"
  • "Permission to give to yourself"
  • "Permission to turn off fuel"
  • "Permission to disable collision damage"
  • "Take off a jetpack in the water?"
  • "Allow to take off the jetpack in the air"
  • "Third-person view"
  • "Turn on the sound?"
  • "Use quiet sound?"
  • "Enable collision damage"
  • "The SamSite will attack the jetpack"
  • "Increased missile speed and SamSite attack radius by jetpack"
  • "Use the Zone Manager plugin?"
  • "Collision Damage Multiplier"
  • "Collision acceleration threshold"
  • "Maximum flight altitude"
  • "Control"
  • "Fuel"
  • "Item"
  • "Enable spawn in crates"
  • "Spawn setting"


  • "Wear/taking off a jetpack with the middle mouse button?"
  • "Air resistance"
  • "Thrust"
  • "Pitch"
  • "Roll"
  • "Yaw"


  • "Use fuel?"
  • "Fuel period"
  • "Fuel consumption"
  • "Item"

Contact me in Discord: Adem#9554

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