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About JetPack

Take your players to new heights in the game of Rust, and get a few laughs watching people try to fly one for the first time! Introducing Jetpack! A plugin that allows your players to soar around like never before in the game of Rust. Grab this plugin and give your players something to talk about! Many functions have already been implemented like the ability to shoot while piloting a jetpack, and the plugin will continue to expand and grow with the community.

You'll find the configuration covers almost anything you can think of, and you'll see a breakdown of the configuration file in the description below. By default you can simply press the middle mouse wheel to equip and remove the jetpack quickly, you can't run around once you've equipped it. You can customize loot crates the jetpack might appear in, and all of the stats from thrust to rotation and all of the other controls. Be sure to check the permission section and feel free to use the command creatively to give jetpacks as an award for completing other tasks on your server using the commands provided. Make sure you have some lowgrade handy, let's take to the skies!




  • Space bar - thrust
  • W/S keys - pitch axis
  • A/D keys - yaw axis


Chat commands (check config for permissions)

  • /jet - toggle jetpack on & off
  • /givejetpack - give a jetpack to yourself


Console commands (admin only)

  • givejetpack - give a jetpack to yourself
  • givejetpack SteamID - give a jetpack to player using their SteamID


Plugin config

en – example of plugin configuration in English

ru – example of plugin configuration in Russian


Check out the rest of my work: Adem's Codefling Library
You can reach out to me in Discord: Adem's Discord Profile
Thanks to Jbird for writing, translation, & support: Jbird's Discord Profile
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