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About Shipwreck

This plugin will allow players to visit the depths of the ocean to discover 3 new locations included in this plugin: a Sunken Cargo Ship, Submerged Ore Farm, and a Shipwrecked Barge.
In the wreckage you will find a high concentration of loot. Just be careful! The COBALT group has already arrived and is exploring the site.
They have submarines and divers already in the water!


Patrol Submarines
Subs do a LOT of damage, but they have low visibility and low accuracy. Very unreliable at Titanic depths. Subs are a serious threat if you arrive in a submarine yourself. Try to sneak up behind them and destroy them, you don't want to be the one to sink, trust me!

Cobalt NPC Divers
High accuracy, but not much armor and don't pack a huge punch. Almost harmless if you arrive in a submarine, but they are still a threat! Keep your eyes on these guys, it might just be you or them!

Killer Sharks
These sharks have smelled all the blood in the water, after being drawn to the area already by all of the disturbance. They are here, they are mad, and they are bloodthirsty and hungry!

The plugin includes 3 locations:
Shipwrecked Cargo Ship
There are three rooms in the Sunken Cargo Ship location that are opened with a keycard. The map type can be selected within the configuration file.12.thumb.jpg.d85ed70572df34d9be02f5de9f7c2c4b.jpg

Sunken Barge
A great place to find some Shipping Containers, as well as Killer Sharks! The Cobalt group has been busy in this area, they must have taken this Barge down recently as well.16.thumb.jpg.6ca35825a4b9adbd68226e25a2b3a669.jpg

Submerged Ore Farm
An ore rich location with multiple farmable ore nodes, as well as some other scattered loot including fuel barrels.19.thumb.jpg.2b55680fd3084ae541c7312c86e4ae90.jpg

Chat commands (only for administrators)

  • /shipwreckstart – launches the event in a random configuration
  • /shipwreckstart <shipwreckstart> – launches the event in the <eventPresetName> configuration
  • /shipwreckstartmyloc – launches the event in a random configuration in your location
  • /shipwreckstartmyloc<shipwreckstart> – launches the event in the <eventPresetName> configuration in your location
  • /shipwreckstop – stops the event
  • /screatepath– starts recording the route for the npc/shark/sub
  • /ssavepath <npc/shark/subPresetName> – saves route for npcs/sharks/sub
  • /scancelpath – cancels route recording

Console commands (RCON only)

  • shipwreckstart – launches the event in a random configuration
  • shipwreckstart <shipwreckstart> – launches the event in the <eventPresetName> configuration
  • shipwreckstop – stops the event


  • plugin_en – example of plugin configuration in English
  • location_en – example of location configuration in English
  • plugin_ru – example of plugin configuration in Russian
  • location_ru – example of location configuration in Russian

Dependencies (optional, not required)


  • void OnShipwreckStart()
  • void OnShipwreckStop()


My Discord: adem9554
Join the Mad Mappers Discord here!
Check out more of my work here!




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