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About Caravan

This plugin will add Caravans to your server that will attempt to transport valuable loot along the roads. Carriages are used to transport goods along the roads as configured, pulled by Horses. These convoys are accompanied by NPCs, Riders, and Balloons! By default, the plugin comes with 3 different caravan presets.

The easiest caravan will be fun for early wipe and allows some basic loot for low effort Caravan raids. In order to rob the most difficult caravan, players will need to be tactical about their ambush and it will be much more challenging! The road selection system can make the Caravan less predictable as the NPCs try to find a safe route.

The Caravan can traverse any road type, including good old country dirty roads. You can set up timers for each preset in the config file, to keep the more difficult Caravan from showing up until later in a wipe!





These can be very dangerous opponents! Unlike regular NPCs, they will quickly close the gap continually shooting at the players as they ride! Riders can be especially effective using short ranged weapons, they are deadly with a shotgun!




These are mobile sniper towers on which several NPCs can be placed. In the config, armor can be added to the balloon, greatly increasing the protection for the Caravan snipers.When the caravan stops, Balloons will start moving around randomly, making it more difficult for players to hide! After defeating all of the snipers, Balloons will fall to the ground and explode. 



Required Dependency (must install this free plugin)

  • NpcSpawn – link is included and can be found in the ReadMe file included with download


Chat commands (admin only)

  • /caravanstart - launches the event using a random preset based on your configuration
  • /caravanstart PresetName - add the name of a preset from the configuration to launch a specific preset
  • /caravanstop - stops the event
  • /caravanroadblock - the event will not be held on the road where you are standing (clear the Blocked roads section of config when you change maps)
  • /caravanpathstart - stand at starting point and enter command to start recording a custom route
  • /caravanpathsave RoutePresetName - to save a custom route (enter anything you'd like in place of RoutePresetName)
  • /caravanpathcancel - to reset the route


Console commands (RCON only)

  • caravanstart - launches the event using a random preset based on your configuration
  • caravanstart PresetName - add the name of a preset from the configuration to launch a specific preset
  • caravanstop - stops the event


Plugin Config

  • en – example of plugin configuration in English
  • ru – example of plugin configuration in Russian



  • void OnCaravanStart() - сalled when a caravan appears
  • void OnCaravanStop() - сalled when a caravan disappears
  • void OnCaravanEventWin(ulong userId)


Check out the rest of my work: Adem's Codefling Library
You can reach out to me in Discord: Adem's Discord Profile
Thanks to Jbird for writing, translation, & support: Jbird's Discord Profile
Join the Mad Mappers Discord!

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