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About Frontier - American Old West

It’s time for the wild west. This time I will send you far into the past to the real wild west, where everything was solved with the help of weapons and horses were the main means of transportation. This map will completely immerse you in the atmosphere of those times, it is very different from other maps, since there are no Facepunch monuments here, it consists entirely of custom monuments. So this is a closed type of map, that is, there is no ocean here, the game area is located in the grand canyon and you will not get to the surface. This map is a kind of experiment and my long-standing idea is to implement it. Also on the map you will find several familiar monuments made in the style of the wild West. And where is it without a railway, it stretches all over the map and has several branches. Custom garbage cans for loot extraction are located near the roads. Also, there are custom NPCs – traders, and horse traders-near the roads and on the monuments. Recyclers are made in the style of those times. Good luck in surviving in the wild west!


  • The full atmosphere of the Wild West is transmitted (My personal opinion)
  • Map Size – 4000 (Game space 3200-3400)
  • Prefab Count – 98к
  • Very stable FPS despite the number of prefabs


  • Please read the full description of the map
  • There is a required plugin included with the download
  • Be sure to add the vending profiles to the editor if you plan to edit the map
  • This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!
  • The map’s performance has been tested on a Windows system, problems may arise with the Linux system.
  • Join the Mad Mapper Discord and you can create a ticket to request a preview of the map
    • To expedite the process share your Steam ID when you make the request so that you can be whitelisted
    • You will be granted admin privileges on the server and be able to take a look at the map freely



Custom monuments:

  • Husky Farm
  • Coal Mining
  • Kennekott (Mini City)
  • George Town (City)
  • Outpost (Safezone City)
  • Train Yard (Large Monument)
  • Oil Wells (Large Monument)
  • Special Purpose Prison (City, Prison)
  • JunkYard (Medium Monument)
  • Rebel Checkpoint (Medium Monument)
  • Thorhill (MiniCity)
  • Coal Mining Plant
  • Ghost Town (City Zombi)
  • Big Joe HomeStead (Manor)
  • Reservation (Indian settlement)
  • Governors Ranch
  • Mansion
  • Warehouse
  • Old Supermarket
  • Station (Several types)
  • Railways Repair
  • Fishing Village
  • A lot of custom garbage cans near roads and ruins with loot

Monuments FP:

  • Cave
  • Quarry

Plugins in the archive:

The map comes with 1 plugins (developed by KpucTaJI), which must be installed on the server.
– WildWestCore-this plugin removes the modern from the map, and also interacts with other plugins to fully convey the atmosphere of the Wild West (pictures, etc.).

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