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About Forbidden Lands

Year 2030 epidemy spread across our island. Most of the population died, how ever others was not so lucky and experienced awful mutations.
Present day:
Year 2047, all this time there was no one who could take care of the infrastructure of the island. Because of that nature started to take over wat belongs to her. Factories became huge piles of rubble, dam that was main electricity supplier for island was destroyed and flooded nearest town. Those who managed to survive divided themselves into two groups: Gaja tribe, peaceful people that tried to rebuild wat was lost and Raja tribe,  marauders who banned Gaja people from they’re lands installed security cameras and declared themselves as saviours of the land.
But something unexpected happened, Infected started to hunt survivors. They started making heartbeat sensor traps in largest cities and monuments, because of it its easier to track human pray. Those areas are called "Forbidden Lands" and are deadly for those who dear to enter it. Your main goal is to unite both tribes and defeat undead. Good luck soldier !


  • Size: 4500
  • Prefab Count: 75k
  • Now about the map: It was long 2 month period of hard non stop work. Lots of people asked for a bigger map so I decided to make it in 4500 size, so all standard monuments, rail road, simple roads part of the ocean could find its place on the map. Landscape is separate work of art made in high accuracy, because of that standard and custom monuments are laying in harmony with each other.Map have around 26 different size custom monuments, that has security cameras installed and heartbeat sensors scattered for "NpcHorde" plugin. You can find 12 different custom places for base building, plus there is some places for building you can find inside of monuments and bridges for better atmosphericall feeling. Map is highly detailed like crossroads that have traffic lights, all kind of signs with the names of security cameras so you could connect to them and follow custom monuments. I marked all custom monuments by the colour, from green (easy) to red ( hard ).You can also find some tunnels, one of them is going from central lake all the way to ocean.I hope you will like this creation, follow my works and stay Rust!

This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!


How can I view the map?

You can do this in our Discord server by submitting a request for an invitation to our servers. There you will be given the rights of an “administrator” and without any difficulties you will be able to fly around the map and fully familiarize yourself with it.


Custom Monuments:

  • Oroville City
  • New Hope City
  • Destroyed Dam
  • Oil Paradise
  • Hotel Maelstrom
  • Rad Town
  • Diesel Storage
  • Mining Camp
  • Railway Post
  • Fallen Hotel
  • Raider Base
  • Rocky Ridge City
  • Crossroads
  • Bunker 707
  • Farm
  • Hermit Warehouse
  • Market
  • Plane Crash
  • Road Beacon
  • Destroyed Market
  • Pumping Station
  • Ruin Station
  • Garage
  • Gas Station
  • Gas Station 2
  • Crossing
  • 12 place to build (X)
  • Custom Zipline
  • Water tunnel
  • Road tunnel
  • Many Bridges

Monument Facepunch:

  • Launch Site
  • Nuclear Missile Silo
  • Junkyard
  • Harbor 1 and 2
  • Arctic Research Base
  • Satelitte Dish
  • Airfield
  • Giant Excavator Pit
  • Train Yard
  • Power Plant
  • Outpost
  • Bandit Camp
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Military Tunnel
  • Abandoned Military Base
  • The Dome
  • Sewer Branch
  • Ranch 1 and 2
  • Fishing Village 1,2,3 (Modified version)
  • Lighthouse
  • Underwater Lab
  • Railway
  • Underground tunnel
  • Road Ring
  • HQM, Sulfur, Stone Quarry


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