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About Intergalactic Market

The Intergalactic market was created to replenish supplies and recycle resources for your server. This is a rather dangerous monument, since there is no safe zone on it, but if you have a large team, a large number of processors will provide you with a quick recycling of materials. Also on the monument there is a good loot for resupply. In some compartments there are shops where you can buy various items, as well as repair your vehicles.


  • Size: Small
  • Prefab Count: ~2925
  • Modification masks for easy installation on the map
  • Good loot
  • A large amount of recycling
  • Thematic design
  • Lots of shops
  • Carlift


  • 5 Crate normal (Regular, Green)
  • 6 loot barrel
  • 4 crate food
  • 2 vehicle parth crate

If you need to contact me discord is best: !☣Gruber☣!#7854

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