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About Boston: New Land

In the near future, the planet decided to rid itself of a large population, a factory and other infrastructure that poses a danger to its environment. Gravity, water level and climate have changed. An epidemic broke out, which took the lives of the remnants of the population and turned them into mutants (NpcHorde plugin). Those who survived went into habitation under the water, sometimes swimming out for a breath of fresh air (the UnderwaterGuard plugin), they guard the flooded monuments very much, which contain excellent loot, but to get to it, you need to make great efforts. On this map you will find many beautiful monuments, in the air, on the ground, under water. Also on the map there are several custom places to build your base in the form of unusual rocks, terrain terrain, icebergs and caves, they are marked X. And now several decades have passed since the latest events on this island and it has become a New Land for new settlers in the form of players on your server, I hope everyone will survive, good luck playing on this map.


  • Prefab Count: ~50к prefabs
  • Size: 4000
  • A lot of interesting locations to explore
  • Marketplaces and recycler have been added to fishing villages
  • Railway
  • Optimal FPS
  • A large number of places for the construction of foundations in the form of unusual rocks, caves, landscape and icebergs
  • Custom plugin for mutants, powered by a heartbeat sensor (by KpucTaJL)
  • Custom plugin UnderwaterGuard (by Adem)
  • This map is constantly supported and updated for the current version of the game with all updates!

How can I view the map?

You can do this in our Discord server by submitting a request for an invitation to our servers. There you will be given the rights of an “administrator” and without any difficulties you will be able to fly around the map and fully familiarize yourself with it.


Custom Monuments:

  • Boston City
  • Valley of Bridges
  • Quarantine Zone
  • Frozen Research Base
  • Buttsville City
  • Falcom Prisone
  • The ISS Crash
  • International Space Station
  • Bills Farm
  • Hydroelectric Power Station
  • Graveyard of Ships
  • Sunken Oil Rig
  • Roadside Market
  • Ore Deposits
  • Bridge
  • Many interesting places to build a base marked X

Monument Facepunch:

  • Launch Site
  • Missile Silo 
  • Junkyard
  • Harbor 1 and 2
  • Arctic Research Base
  • Satellite Dish
  • Airfield
  • Bandit Camp
  • Outpost
  • Giant Excavator Pit
  • Train Yard
  • Water Treatment
  • Power Plant
  • Military Tunnel
  • The Dome
  • Sewer Branch
  • Ranch
  • Fishing Village 1,2,3 (Modified version)
  • Lighthouse
  • Underwater Lab
  • Railway
  • HQM, Sulfur, Stone Quarry
  • Roadside Monument
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