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About Biplane

This plugin will add a biplane to your server! You can configure its spawn on any monuments, give it as an item, and also put it up for sale in a custom AirWolf store, which is included in the plugin.
The biplane can shoot rockets and drop bombs!
In the plugin, you can create various configurations of biplanes, in which you can change their speed and power, set the number of slots in the box, allow or prohibit firing rockets and bombing, etc. The biplane can be placed on a standard carlift, in which the engine can be replaced or the aircraft repaired.



  • W – thrust;
  • Mouse – direction;
  • A/D – cren axis;
  • Left mouse button – rocket shot;
  • Right mouse button – dropping the bomb;


Chat commands:

  • /biplanemonument – adds the monument you are on in the plugin config;
  • /biplanemonumentpoint – adds a random spawn point to the monument you are on;
  • /biplaneseller – sets the spawn point of the seller on the monument you are on;
  • /biplanesellerpoint – sets the spawn point of the biplane after purchase on the monument you are on;
  • /givebiplane <itempresetname> – give yourself a biplane item.
  • /biplanecustomspawnpoint - adds a custom biplane spawn point in your position


Console commands

  • givebiplane <itempresetname> – give yourself a biplane item;
  • givebiplane <itempresetname> <userid> –  give a biplane to player.


Plugin Config

  • en – example of plugin configuration in English
  • ru – example of plugin configuration in Russian


My Discord: Adem#9554
Join the Mad Mappers Discord here!
Check out more of my work here!

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