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The Heart Of The CIty 1.0.5

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About The Heart Of The CIty

The Heart of the City was designed to give players the chance to build WITHIN city limits and provide a vast amount of additional features and locations to explore and call home. A massive casino houses the map vault, and is guarded by staff and a complicated puzzle. Many vacant buildings and basements can be found around the map to call home, some may even opt to use a 'keycard bunker' to store their loot. The roads are built to accomodate plugins such as Convoy or Traffic Drivers while still targetting the 'post-apocolyptic nature of the aesthetics. Take over a suburb neighborhood, industrial outskirt, or go right to the heart of downtown, there's a place for every lifestyle to call home!

Enjoy our Heist Promo video featuring the Casino and various locations around the map:

Prefabs: 159k

Size: 4500

Map Designed to Replace the typical rural landscape with a cityscape.

Players can build in and around all unmarked buildings.

Supports Bank Heist, BetterNpc, Drone Event

We plan to continue adding to this map every rotation, if there are any bugs or flaws we will correct them with a report.


Custom Monuments:

West Coast Casino - A large casino built at the heart of the city. This monument includes a complicated puzzle that can be tackled with some experimentation. The puzzle includes 'red-herring' switches and fuse boxes, toggling cameras, a timed elevator, and a turret guarding the vault.

Skytrain Stations - Several Skytrain Stations around the map serve as spawn points for train wagons.

Bradley Arena - A massive arena guarded by a circling Bradley. 

Abandoned Apartments - A vertical monument designed to have players search individual apartment units through the building.

Diner X4 - A small and easy monument similar to oxum's gas station, built with dining area, bathrooms, office, and kitchen.

West Coast Park - A desolate park with a dried up river and dead pine trees - Habitable.
Oil Swamps - Sunken swamp land filled with oil from a collapsed factory - Habitable.


Facepunch Monuments:

Oxum's Gas Station X 4

Abandoned Supermarket X 4

Bandit Camp

Large Barn

Large Fishing Village


Large Harbor

Small Harbor



Water Treatment

Satellite Dish

Train Station

Arctic Research Base

Large Oil Rig

Small Oil Rig

Underwater Labs

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