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Found 17 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    This monument was created for the players to build it up. There is an elevator inside the monument. The elevator leads inside the skull, around the elevator, in a small radius it is impossible to build There is a glass capsule in the chest through which you can observe the world around the base. The monument is very easy to install on the map. The monument contains 1450 prefabs
  2. Version 2.0.3


    Backstory Once upon a time, this titan was alive and very strong. Little is known about him, there are legends that this titan held the rock so that people would not die inside. The Titan held on to a huge block of stone for a very long time and died petrified from ancient magic. After a while, people built columns and chains there in order to help him in some way. But these are only legends, although why does he have fire from his eyes?! About the Cave The monument is great for building by several players. The monument is not noisy and is atmospherically lit at night. The monument is easy to install on the map Around the cave there will be a forest, mushrooms, some stones for mining and decorations Total objects 982 You don't need to download anything for it to work, just install it on the map and click all these buttons starting with " Apply Height Mask"
  3. Version 3.0.4


    This cave is designed to build a base inside it Building Radiation Loot Spawn Total prefabs - Easy install in map Prefab is now much neater Prefab is easier to install on the map and it takes up less space. Increased the number of prefabs to 2771 The eyes of the skull are steel with gold edging Added electrics and controlled lighting Added a pentagram indicating the player's approach to the cave Added the ability to include Tesla coils in the spikes at the top of the prefab. To do this, I installed a button inside the prefab.Electricity works for 5 seconds and its recharge is 15 seconds.Players will not be able to spam with electricity
  4. Version 2.0.0


    Building Radiation Loot Spawn This monument is for building a base in it, it looks great at night and is suitable for Halloween. Prefab does not load the system too much, players with weak PCs will be able to build this monument. The kit includes everything that is shown in the pictures and 2 skeletons separately. The cave inside is very beautifully animated, the players of your server have never seen such effects before You will receive TwinsCave AvoTwins SkormTwins
  5. Version 1.0.3


    This island is intended for farm resources On the island, you can farm a huge amount of sulfur, metal and stone. There is a quarry on the island that will extract resources for players while they defend it boats, balloons, barrels, fuel barrels will spawn on the island There are many shelters on the island for a convenient shootout from the position At each tower, the player gets comfort Standing on the lava and next to it, the player will receive damage from burning You can't line up on or near the island! For the correct and convenient installation of the monument, use the boat as a landmark, I hope these two screenshots will help you
  6. Version 1.0.3


    RT small size Loot Barrel x10 Crate Tools x1 Crate Food x1 Crate Med x1 Crate Basic x2 Wooden Crate 2 x2 More detailed Building Radiation Loot Spawn Player Spawn Balance Sit on every chair Total prefabs -
  7. Version 1.0.6


    Eng All the portals presented in this collection serve as spawn points for players. You can't build around each of the portals. Each portal is easy to install. I will add more portals to this package. There are currently portals in total. Rus Все порталы, представленные в этой коллекции, служат для игроков точками появления. Вы не можете строить вокруг каждого из порталов. Каждый портал легко установить. Я добавлю в этот пак больше порталов. Всего в настоящее время порталов.
  8. Version 1.0.1


    This monument was created for holding events in it. The arena is made in such a way that players can be divided into 2 teams, red and blue. The administrator can manage the arena without leaving the place from which he watches the battle. Observers of the battle can sit on the stands, where I have installed invisible chairs. There are 2 entrances to the arena, entrance 1 and entrance 2, in order to get there, you need to open the kinetic doors from the inside, this could be your assistant. What can you manage? I have divided the control view into 2 parts, "light" and "doors". Which doors can be opened? - Doors in which gladiators sit - Doors to the store. - Doors for buying horses. - Doors for access to the arena doors(climb up). - Exit doors to the arena What kind of electricity can be used? - Light in the gladiator chambers - Light between the cameras and the store - Light at the horse spawn place -Light between the exit to the arena doors - Light at the Arena door - Light in the place where the administrator is sitting - Circular illumination on the battlefield inside the arena - Circular lighting around the arena - Turning on and off the cameras inside the arena All electricity is divided into 2 teams, you can separately open the doors of the blue or red ones. For greater historicity and convenience, I added an option called "pollice verso", which allows the administrator to give an order to spare or kill the loser, well, or just show everyone what decision he made. I thought that 2 teams would not be enough, and added 2 more exits "Bot1" and "Bot2", there you can spawn bots and open the doors for them to enter the arena. In the arena itself, I placed 2 traps, a barbed post and an electric pressure plate. What can players buy in the store and what are they like? - Food Store - Medical supplies Store - Weapons Store - Armor Shop - Clothing store The weapon is only melee, the armor is only wooden.But you can change the settings at your discretion. Clothing, weapons, can be sold at a price 2 times less. To do this, I divided the stores into "Buy" and "Sell"sections. The currency in the store is bones, gladiators can get bones from those killed in the arena. How do the cameras work? To turn off the cameras, the administrator should simply move the switch to the "off" position. Total of 20 cameras 4 cameras are located on the site of the gladiator battle. 5 cameras in the rooms of the red team. 5 cameras in the rooms of the blue team. 3 cameras at the exits of the red team. 3 cameras at the exits of the blue team. Camera names arena1 arena2 arena3 arena4 Blue Team Cameras bglad1 bglad2 bglad3 bglad4 bglad5 bglads bglads2 bglads2 Red Team Cameras rglad1 rglad2 rglad3 rglad4 rglad5 rglads rglads2 rglads2 There are 14500 objects in total.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This monument is designed to build a base inside it The monument looks great at night The player can only build a zone inside the cave There is a lock at the entrance to the cave The player will not be able to use the bug union and will not throw a sleeping bag inside the skull through the textures There is a forest topology around the cave, which means that players will be able to cut down the forest
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This island is intended for farm resources On the island, you can farm a huge amount of sulfur, metal and stone.
  11. Avo_Skorm

    Tantra [HDRP]

    Version 3.0.4


    Tantra [HDRP] Size - 3700 Entities 30k - 32k Custom Monuments: - Skorm Island x1 - Farm Island x1 - Bottle Town x1 - Hand of God x1 - Skull Cave x3 - Eye Cave x3 - Titan Cave x2 - Chaos Cave x2 - Trident Cave Underwater x4 - ACBF Rad Town x2 - Tower x4 - Portal Pack (portal6) x1 Facepunch Monuments: - Bandit Camp - Cave Medium Hard - Outpost - Excavator - Fishing Village A/B/C - HQM Quarry - Stone Quarry - Sulfur Quarry x3 - Launch Site - Lighthouse - Oilrig 1 - Oilrig 2 - Harbor - Satellite Dish - Junkyard - Mining Outpost x3 - Abandoned Supermarket x2 - The Dome - Swamp - Underwater Lab x3
  12. Avo_Skorm

    Mantra [HDRP]

    Version 1.0.0


    The map cannot be edited or changed during the purchase! Size 2000 Entities 10 - 12k This map is great for servers who want something dark and scary for Halloween. On the map, almost every monument is associated with skulls and something ancient and unusual. Spawn on the map is implemented through a system of portals. Players will appear there more often than on the usual shore. Players will not be able to build around portals. There is a colosseum on the map where you can hold events for players. Custom Monuments: - Bottle Town x1 - AvoTear x1 - Skull Cave x1 - Eye Cave x1 - Titan Cave x1 - Chaos Cave x1 - Trident Cave Underwater x2 - Lonely Tower x1 - Twins Cave x1 - Portal x6 - itildin Door x1 -Skorm Arena(Colosseum) x1 Facepunch Monuments: - Bandit Camp - Cave Medium Hard - Outpost - Fishing Village A/ - HQM Quarry - Sulfur Quarry x1 - Lighthouse x2 - Oilrig 1 - Oilrig 2 - Harbor - Satellite Dish - Junkyard - Mining Outpost x3 - Oxum`s Gas Station x3 - Underwater Lab x2 - Ranch
  13. Version 1.0.1


    This door has a little mystery. In order to open this door, you need to send a signal 4131 on your radio console or radio transmitter. The door is opened by a remote control from the outside and from the inside, as well as the door can be opened by a kinetic wheel from the inside. This door is perfect as a part for your puzzle and for a great entrance to RadTown or another custom monument.
  14. Version 1.0.1


    Bottletown is a custom rt for the Arctic biome. Inside the bottle is a ship filled with loot. The monument is easily installed on the map, for this you just need to install it in a suitable place and press all the buttons "Hight Mask", "SplatMask", "Topology Mask" and so on. The monument has a name and players will easily find it on the map. There are 480 objects in total
  15. Version 1.0.1


    This monument is needed for the players to build a house in it. The hands do not pass through the glass. The monument can be built up as you like, there are no places with blocking for construction! Trees, stones, fabric, berries and a little decor will spawn around the monument. You can get into the monument using a kinetic door, you can exit it using the button associated with this door The monument is easy to install, all the tools for this have been added. Objects 3424
  16. Version 1.0.1


    I was inspired by this construction by the game Assasins Creed 4 BF. Old technologies of a forgotten civilization were hidden in this cave, during the time of pirates, pirates captured this cave and searched for a treasure in it for a long time. In our time, we can see what happened to the cave, it has old magic stones, shovels left over from pirates and mechanisms of our time. This cave perfectly conveys the contrast of the differences of times and technologies What's on this RadTown?! There is a trap with a floor that goes out from under your feet, the player can catch an opponent while he processes resources on the 2nd floor After falling, the player can fall on the laser and the Tesla coil will work On the 3rd floor there are 2 rooms with loot, to open the first room, you just need to turn the wheel. To open the second room, you need a red card and a fuse. Boats rarely appear inside the cave. Barrels with fuel and components will appear inside the cave, the player will always be able to sail away if he has a boat. All the water in the cave is drinkable If there is a person on the 2nd floor, then a siren is triggered, which will show you that there is a person there Total objects 4860 For proper installation, focus on the water lilies, they should be exactly on the water. If you want me to change something or add to this building, then write in the reviews, I want to develop and I am interested to see your thoughts and suggestions
  17. Avo_Skorm


    Version 2.0.0


    For your convenience, I have installed Socket on all prefabs. You can put them and they will always be even


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