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Extraction Rare Minerals 1.2.8

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About Extraction Rare Minerals

💎 This plugin adds the ability to extract new rare minerals from stone, iron, gray cobblestones.

Each type of mineral has its own settings. There are two types of minerals, those that can be melted down in stoves, and those that can be processed. With each blow on the cobblestone, there is a chance of a stone falling out.

My other plugins

❔ You can add gems to loot tables using its short name and skinID alongside the ability to customise the loot from each Gem/Piece.

⚠️ Regarding remelting and processing:

  • You can remelt a maximum of 1 piece. The output of the furnace can only be: metal.fragments, sulfur, metal.refined, charcoal.
  • You can specify several items for recycling, but you will get only 1 random item from the list at the output.

🔥 Minerals that can be melted down:

  • A large sulfur crystal, gives the item: Sulfur from 1000-2500pcs.
  • A large metal piece, gives the item: Metal fragments from 1000-2500-pcs.
  • Black Opal, gives the item,: Charcoal from 100-1500 pcs.
  • Obsidian, gives the item: Metal-refined from 10-30 pcs.

🗜️ Minerals that can be recycled:

  • A large stone, gives an item: A stone from 1500-3500 pcs.
  • Emerald, gives an item: Wood from 2000-3500 pcs.
  • Amethyst, gives one of the following: A large pharmacy from 1-3 pcs., A medical syringe from 3-7 pcs.
  • Topaz, gives one of the following: Scrap metal from 50-100 pcs.
  • Ruby, gives one of the following: Gears from 1-5 pcs., Metal pipe from 1-5 pcs., Metal blade from 1-5 pcs., Metal spring from 1-5 pcs.
  • Diamond, gives one of the items: Homemade Shotgun, Python Revolver, Revolver, Pump-action Shotgun, Semi-automatic Pistol, Semi-automatic Rifle, Thompson Submachine Gun, Double-barreled Shotgun, MP5A4
  • Emerald, gives one of the following: Wood from 2000-3500 pcs.
  • Jade , gives one of the following: Rope from 3-15 pcs., Cloth from 50-200 pcs., Leather from 50-200 pcs., Fat animal from 70-300 pcs., Lowgradefuel from 30-120 pcs.
  • Tanzanite, gives one of the following: Chocolate from 3-15 pcs., Beans from 3-15 pcs., Tuna from 3-15 pcs., Bandage from 10-30 pcs.
  • Mustgravite, gives one of the following: Hazmatsuit from 1-1 pcs.
  • Pink Diamond, gives one of the following: Riflebody from 1-2 pcs., Semibody from 1-4 pcs., Smgbody from 1-2 pcs., Targeting computer from 1-2 pcs., CCTV camera from 1-2 pcs.

⚙️ Configuration:

What can be melted and what can be recycled depends on the setting of two parameters:

  • ItemAfterSmelting;
  • PossibleItemsAfterRecycler.

These two parameters can be both filled in or they can be both not filled in. They determine whether an item can be melted or recycled. If you need, you can add your custom items, you just need to specify skin and other parameters.

If you want, you can change the pickaxe and the skin of a special pickaxe. You can also prohibit spawn pickaxe and sell it, for example, in your store.

⚙️ Learn more about other parameters in the configuration:

  • MaxMineralsPerHit - this parameter determines how many maximum objects can fall in 1 hit on a cobblestone;
  • MaxStackable - this parameter is not set by default, since I assume that you have another plugin controlling stacks, but if there is no such thing, then you can specify a number in this parameter.
  • CanExtractOnlySpecialTool - indicates that the mineral can only be extracted with a special pickaxe. If true is specified, then PermittedTool is ignored.

🔒 Permissions:

  • extractionrareminerals.use - gives access to the extraction of minerals.
  • extractionrareminerals.allowSmelting - allows melting precious minerals;
  • extractionrareminerals.allowRecycler - allows recycled of precious minerals.

📄 Console commands:

  • give.rare.mineral PLAYER ID AMOUNT (example: give.rare.mineral DAez obsidian 1);
  • give.special.tool PLAYER (example: give.special.tool DAez);

Example Item:

    "ID": "jade",
    "SkinID": 2901473542,
    "Name": "Jade",
    "PermittedTool": [
    "ExtractionInfo": [
          "PrefabShortName": "sulfur-ore",
          "DropChance": 2.5,
          "Amount": 1
          "PrefabShortName": "metal-ore",
          "DropChance": 2.5,
          "Amount": 1
    "ItemAfterSmelting": {
        "Name": "default",
        "ShortName": "metal.fragments",
        "SkinID": 0,
        "MinAmount": 1000,
        "MaxAmount": 2500
    "PossibleItemsAfterRecycler": [
          "Name": "default",
          "ShortName": "sticks",
          "SkinID": 2901473839, // tanzanite skinID
          "MinAmount": 1,
          "MaxAmount": 1
    "CanExtractOnlySpecialTool": false

Note: parameters ItemAfterSmelting and PossibleItemsAfterRecycler can be null

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