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High Quality Fuel 1.0.1

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About High Quality Fuel

⛽ This plugin adds a new fuel for furnaces, it allows the furnace to work longer, but it is radioactive and it will be dangerous to transfer it.

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⛔ Does not work with:

  • Simple Splitter;

❔ New fuel can be extracted from certain containers, a list of which is specified in the configuration. You can turn it off, you can also turn off fuel recycling.
⚠️ While you have this fuel in your inventory, your radiation meter increases.

There is also a FuelAmountMultiple parameter that is responsible for the duration of 1 piece of fuel. Calculation formula, 1 point = ~2.2 seconds:

  • Time in seconds = FuelAmountMultiple * 2.2 / 60 (by default it is set ~7m 20s);

📄 Console commands:

  • give.nuclear.fuel PLAYER (example: give.nuclear.fuel DAez);

⚙️ Configuration:

  "Fuel": {
    "Name": "Nuclear fuel",
    "SkinID": 3047814399,
    "FuelAmountMultiple": 200.0,
    "CanLootSpawn": true,
    "LootSpawnChance": 10.0,
    "WhichContainers": [
    "CanRecycle": true,
    "PossibleItemsAfterRecycler": [
        "ShortName": "sulfur",
        "Name": "default",
        "SkinID": 0,
        "MinAmount": 100,
        "MaxAmount": 300
        "ShortName": "charcoal",
        "Name": "default",
        "SkinID": 0,
        "MinAmount": 100,
        "MaxAmount": 1000
    "IncreaseRadiation": 2,
    "RadiationDelay": 3

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