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Found 14 results

  1. Version 1.0.3


    "Project Fortress" The bases have a strong central core with multiple layers of walls, It includes plenty of loot rooms, "The Fortress" focuses on creating an fortress with Extra traps, turrets, and strong defensive. High Quality design bases ! file include: 17 bases 4- Easy 4 - Medium 3 - hard 3 - Expert 3 - Nightmare rb.config add "Easy Bases" "Easy-1-TB" "Easy-2-TB" "Easy-3-TB" "Easy-4-TB" rb.config add "Medium Bases" "Medium-1-TB" "Medium-2-TB" "Medium-3-TB" "Medium-4-TB" rb.config add "Hard Bases" "Hard-1-TB" "Hard-2-TB" "Hard-3-TB" rb.config add "Expert Bases" "Expert-1-TB" "Expert-2-TB" "Expert-3-TB" rb.config add "Nightmare Bases" "Nigthmare-1-TB" "Nigthmare-2-TB" "Nigthmare-3-TB" https://discord.gg/GPktdUsXuJ For Raidable bases content or for help with your Raidable Bases Setup.
  2. IIIaKa

    Real PvE

    Version 0.1.7


    Plugin for Real PvE servers, featuring damage prevention, anti-griefing measures, claiming vehicles, an automatic loot queue in radtowns and raid zones and much more. The ability to set "server.pve" to "true", which allows the server to have a "PvE" flag; Damage from NPC's are enabled when server.pve is true; The ability to inflict damage to one's own structures with "server.pve true"; The ability to destroy(including external walls) or rotate one's structures without any time constraints; The ability to force the decay of building blocks with Twigs grade, even if there is wood in the Tool Cupboard; No one, except the owner or their friends, will be able to open their loot containers (chests, storages, bodies, etc.); Players can't gather resources within the Building Privilege of someone else; Administrators can bypass loot restrictions; The ability to schedule the killing of players if they disconnect within someone else's Building Privilege; Disabling backpack and active item drop upon death, even if backpack is full; The ability to disable 'Give' messages; The ability to modify the items given at spawn on the beach; The ability to create an unlimited number of custom permissions; The ability to allow players to bypass the queue; The ability to set limits on sleeping bags, shelters and auto turrets for each permission; The ability to set a multiplier for the prices of monuments and events for each permission; The ability to customize the price and amount of vehicles for each of your custom permissions; The ability to assign vehicles to each player; The ability to customize the assigned price and available amount of vehicles for each of your custom permissions; An assigned vehicle can't be damaged, looted or pushed by other players, but it can be pushed if it is within someone else's Building Privilege; The ability to loot monuments through a queue system; The ability to configure monuments, setting their looting price and time, and adjusting status bars for each monument; The ability to acquire the privilege to loot events (helicopters, bradleys, and raidable bases) through a purchase; The ability to customize the price of each event types and loot attempts (lives); NPCs only aggress against players who are looting monuments, events or raidable bases; Only players who are looting monuments, events or raidable bases can inflict damage to NPCs; RaidableBases are protected from griefing(no damage, no loot and etc). Only the owner can interact with the raid; Neutral RaidableBases can be purchased; Prices for purchasing neutral raids are configurable for each difficulty level; Configurable raid limits (currently available) along with discount multipliers for purchases, for each permission. File location: *SERVER*\oxide\data\RealPVE\PermissionConfig.json Default: https://pastebin.com/5VtWZZVr All permissions are created and configured in the config file under the "List of permissions" section. You can create as many permissions as needed and customize them flexibly. It is recommended to use the prefix "realpve" in the permission's name, for example: "realpve.vip". NOTE: The first permission will serve as the default permission for those who do not have any permissions. { "List of permissions. NOTE: The first permission will be used by default for those who do not have any permissions.": [ { "Permission Name": "realpve.default", "Bypass Queue": false, "Limit of beds": 15, "Limit of shelters": 1, "Limit of auto turrets": 12, "Monuments price multiplier": 1.0, "Events price multiplier": 1.0, "Limit of RaidableBases(at the time)": 1, "RaidableBases price multiplier": 1.0, "Vehicles settings": { "Horse": { "Limit": 1, "Price": 10.0 }, "Bike": { "Limit": 1, "Price": 5.0 }, "MotorBike": { "Limit": 1, "Price": 20.0 }, "Car": { "Limit": 1, "Price": 25.0 }, ... } }, { "Permission Name": "realpve.vip", "Bypass Queue": true, "Limit of beds": 20, "Limit of shelters": 2, "Limit of auto turrets": 15, "Monuments price multiplier": 0.9, "Events price multiplier": 0.9, "Limit of RaidableBases(at the time)": 2, "RaidableBases price multiplier": 0.9, "Vehicles settings": { "Horse": { "Limit": 5, "Price": 9.0 }, "Bike": { "Limit": 5, "Price": 4.5 }, "MotorBike": { "Limit": 5, "Price": 18.0 }, "Car": { "Limit": 5, "Price": 22.5 }, ... } } ], "Version": { "Major": 0, "Minor": 1, "Patch": 1 } } An example of a monument/event/rb multipliers using default permissions. For example, if you set the price for the Harbor at $1000, a player with the default permission(1.0) will pay $1000 * 1 = $1000. Meanwhile, a player with a VIP permission(0.9) will pay $1000 * 0.9 = $900. However, if a player possesses a misbehaving permission with a value of 1.1, they will need to pay $1000 * 1.1 = $1100. { "RealPVE command": "realpve", "Is it worth forcibly implementing PvE for a server?": true, "Use GameTip for messages?": true, "Is it worth preventing the sending of 'Give' messages?": true, "Which currency symbol and format will be utilized?": "{0}$", "Is it worth allowing a backpack to drop upon player death?": true, "Is it worth blocking damage to the laptop of the Hackable Crate?": true, "Is it worth preventing the pickup of plants spawned by the server in someone else's building privilege zone?": false, "Anti-Sleeper - Time in seconds after which a player will be killed if they disconnect while inside someone else's Building Privilege. Set to 0 to disable": 1200.0, "PatrolHelicopterAI - Monument Crash. If set to true, the helicopter will attempt to crash into the monument.": false, "PatrolHelicopterAI - Use Danger Zones. If set to false, the helicopter will function as it did before the April update.": false, "PatrolHelicopterAI - Flee Damage Percentage. At 1, the helicopter will behave as it did before the April update.": 1.0, "Settings for the events": { "PatrolHelicopter": { "IsEnabled": true, "Price": 50.0, "DeathLimit": 5 }, "BradleyAPC": { "IsEnabled": true, "Price": 50.0, "DeathLimit": 5 } }, "Is Npc Random Raids enabled?": true, "Wipe ID": null, "Version": { "Major": 0, "Minor": 1, "Patch": 7 } } EN: { "MsgNoteText": "Welcome to our PvE server!\nThis server utilizes the RealPVE plugin.\nYou can find more details about the plugin at the following link: https://codefling.com/plugins/real-pve", "MsgAdminLootEnabled": "You have been added to the loot restriction ignore list!", "MsgAdminLootDisabled": "You have been removed from the loot restriction ignore list!", "MsgTeamFFireEnabled": "Friendly fire enabled by {0}!", "MsgTeamFFireDisabled": "Friendly fire disabled by {0}!", "MsgMonumentOccupied": "{1} occupied {0} in {2} minutes.", "MsgMonumentFree": "{0} is available for looting!", "MsgMonumentOfferTitle": "Unlock Treasures of {0}!", "MsgMonumentOfferDescription": "Tap the notification to pay {0}.\nAnd unlock access to undiscovered riches!", "MsgMonumentLooterDeath": "You died while looting {0}. You have {1} seconds.", "MsgMonumentLooterExit": "You have left the monument. You have {0} seconds to return!", "MsgMonumentLooterRemoved": "Time's up! You have been removed from the monument!", "MsgMonumentLootingNotFree": "You have been added to the loot queue. Loot cost: {0}", "MsgMonumentNotInQueue": "You are not in the queue! You need to re-enter the monument!", "MsgMonumentNoAccess": "no access", "MsgEventOccupied": "{0} is already occupied by {1}!", "MsgEventOfferTitle": "Claim {0}!", "MsgEventOfferDescription": "Tap the notification to pay {0}.\nAnd unlock access to undiscovered riches!", "MsgEventNewLooter": "You have claimed {0}. You have {1} death for your team.", "MsgEventDeathLimit": "{0} is no longer yours! You have exceeded your death limit!", "MsgEventComplete": "{0} destroyed at coordinates: {1}!", "MsgEventCargoShip": "Cargo Ship", "MsgEventPatrolHelicopter": "Patrol Helicopter", "MsgEventBradleyAPC": "Bradley", "MsgRaidableBasesDisabled": "This Raidable Base is either disabled or not found!", "MsgRaidableBasesOccupied": "The Raidable Base is already occupied by {0}!", "MsgRaidableBasesLimit": "Limit exceeded! You have {0} out of {1} available Raidable Bases.", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchaseStart": "Payment successful! Please wait...", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchased": "You have successfully purchased the Raidable Base!", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchaseFailed": "You were unable to purchase the Raidable Base! Funds refunded.", "MsgRaidableBasesOfferTitle": "Claim {0} Raidable Base!", "MsgRaidableBasesOfferDescription": "Tap the notification to pay {0}.\nAnd unlock access to undiscovered riches!", "MsgRaidableBasesBarText": "{0} Base", "MsgRaidableBasesBarTextLootRemaining": "Loot Remaining", "MsgRaidableBasesBarTextLootCompleted": "Completed", "MsgRaidableBasesBarNoAccess": "no access", "MsgRaidableBasesEasy": "Easy", "MsgRaidableBasesMedium": "Medium", "MsgRaidableBasesHard": "Hard", "MsgRaidableBasesExpert": "Expert", "MsgRaidableBasesNightmare": "Nightmare", "MsgPrivlidgeClear": "{0} players have been removed from the Building Privilege.", "MsgPrivlidgeClearEmpty": "Only you are authorized in the Building Privilege.", "MsgVehicleDialogTitle": "Department of Motor Vehicles", "MsgVehicleDialogDescription": "ID: \nType: \nRegistration fee: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionRegistered": "ID: \nType: \nRegistration date: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionRegisteredValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionNotOwner": "ID: \nOwner: \nRegistration date: \nType: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionNotOwnerValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescription": "ID: \nType: \nRegistration fee: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionRegistered": "ID: \nType: \nReg date: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionRegisteredValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionNotOwner": "ID: \nOwner: \nReg date: \nType: \nCategory: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionNotOwnerValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarGarageEmpty": "The car lift is empty!", "MsgVehicleDialogLink": "Register Vehicle", "MsgVehicleDialogUnLink": "Cancel registration", "MsgVehicleDialogIncorrectPassword": "The password must consist of 4 digits!", "MsgVehicleNotOwner": "You are not the owner!", "MsgVehicleCanNotInteract": "You are not the owner or their friend!", "MsgVehicleNoPermissions": "You do not have permissions for this action!", "MsgVehicleLinked": "The {0} has been successfully linked! You have {1} out of {2} available.", "MsgVehicleUnLinked": "The {0} has been successfully unlinked!", "MsgVehicleFailedDeauthorize": "You can only deauthorize by unlinking the vehicle from you.", "MsgVehicleLimit": "Limit exceeded! You have {1} out of {2} available.", "MsgVehicleDestroyed": "Your vehicle {0}({1}) has been destroyed!", "MsgVehicleFind": "Your vehicle {0} is located in grid {1}!", "MsgVehicleClear": "Removed {0} vehicles!", "MsgVehicleClearEmpty": "No vehicles found for removal!", "MsgVehicleNotFound": "Vehicle not found!", "MsgVehicleTugboatAuthorization": "To authorize in the tugboat, it must be claim!", "MsgVehicleLandVehicle": "Land", "MsgVehicleAirVehicle": "Air", "MsgVehicleWaterVehicle": "Water", "MsgVehicleWinterVehicle": "Winter", "MsgVehicleTrainVehicle": "Train", "MsgVehicleHorse": "horse", "MsgVehicleBike": "bike", "MsgVehicleMotorBike": "motor bike", "MsgVehicleCar": "car", "MsgVehicleBalloon": "air balloon", "MsgVehicleMinicopter": "minicopter", "MsgVehicleTransportHeli": "transportHeli", "MsgVehicleAttackHeli": "attack heli", "MsgVehicleRowBoat": "row boat", "MsgVehicleRHIB": "RHIB", "MsgVehicleTugBoat": "tugboat", "MsgVehicleSubmarineOne": "small submarine", "MsgVehicleSubmarineTwo": "submarine", "MsgVehicleSnowmobile": "snowmobile", "MsgVehicleTrain": "train", "MsgFree": "Free", "MsgNoDate": "null", "MsgEconomicsNotEnough": "Not enough funds!" } RU: { "MsgNoteText": "Добро пожаловать на наш PvE сервер!\nДанный сервер использует RealPVE плагин.\nПодробней о плагине можно узнать по ссылке: https://codefling.com/plugins/real-pve", "MsgAdminLootEnabled": "Вы добавлены в список игнорирования ограничения лутания!", "MsgAdminLootDisabled": "Вы удалены из списка игнорирования ограничения лутания!", "MsgTeamFFireEnabled": "{0} включил дружественный огонь!", "MsgTeamFFireDisabled": "{0} выключил дружественный огонь!", "MsgMonumentOccupied": "{1} занял {0} на {2} минут.", "MsgMonumentFree": "{0} можно лутать!", "MsgMonumentOfferTitle": "Откройте сокровища {0}!", "MsgMonumentOfferDescription": "Нажми на уведомление для оплаты {0}.\nИ разблокируй доступ к неизведанным богатствам!", "MsgMonumentLooterDeath": "Вы умерли во время лутания {0}. У вас есть {1} секунд.", "MsgMonumentLooterExit": "Вы покинули монумент. У вас есть {0} секунд на возвращение!", "MsgMonumentLooterRemoved": "Время вышло! Вы были удалены из монумента!", "MsgMonumentLootingNotFree": "Вас добавили в очередь на лутание. Стоимость лутания: {0}", "MsgMonumentNotInQueue": "Вас нет в очереди! Вам необходимо перезайти в монумент!", "MsgMonumentNoAccess": "нет доступа", "MsgEventOccupied": "{0} уже занят игроком {1}!", "MsgEventOfferTitle": "Займите {0}!", "MsgEventOfferDescription": "Нажми на уведомление для оплаты {0}.\nИ разблокируй доступ к неизведанным богатствам!", "MsgEventNewLooter": "Вы заняли {0}. У вас на команду есть {1} жизней.", "MsgEventDeathLimit": "{0} больше не ваше! Вы исчерпали свой лимит жизней!", "MsgEventComplete": "{0} уничтожен в координатах: {1}!", "MsgEventCargoShip": "Карго", "MsgEventPatrolHelicopter": "Патрульный вертолет", "MsgEventBradleyAPC": "Танк", "MsgRaidableBasesDisabled": "Эта Рейд база выключена или не найдена!", "MsgRaidableBasesOccupied": "Эта Рейд база уже занята игроком {0}!", "MsgRaidableBasesLimit": "Лимит превышен! У вас {0} из {1} доступных Рейд баз.", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchaseStart": "Оплата прошла! Ожидайте...", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchased": "Вы успешно приобрели Рейд базу!", "MsgRaidableBasesPurchaseFailed": "Вам не удалось приобрести Рейд базу! Деньги возвращены.", "MsgRaidableBasesOfferTitle": "Займите Рейд базу уровня: {0}!", "MsgRaidableBasesOfferDescription": "Нажми на уведомление для оплаты {0}.\nИ разблокируй доступ к неизведанным богатствам!", "MsgRaidableBasesBarText": "Уровень: {0}", "MsgRaidableBasesBarTextLootRemaining": "Осталось лута", "MsgRaidableBasesBarTextLootCompleted": "Выполнено", "MsgRaidableBasesBarNoAccess": "нет доступа", "MsgRaidableBasesEasy": "Легко", "MsgRaidableBasesMedium": "Средне", "MsgRaidableBasesHard": "Сложно", "MsgRaidableBasesExpert": "Эксперт", "MsgRaidableBasesNightmare": "Кошмар", "MsgPrivlidgeClear": "Из шкафа выписано {0} ироков.", "MsgPrivlidgeClearEmpty": "Кроме вас в шкафу ни кто не авторизован.", "MsgVehicleDialogTitle": "ГИБДД", "MsgVehicleDialogDescription": "ID: \nТип: \nСтоимость регистрации: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionRegistered": "ID: \nТип: \nДата регистрации: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionRegisteredValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionNotOwner": "ID: \nВладелец: \nДата регистрации: \nТип: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleDialogDescriptionNotOwnerValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescription": "ID: \nТип: \nСтоимость регистрации: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionRegistered": "ID: \nТип: \nДата: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionRegisteredValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionNotOwner": "ID: \nВладелец: \nДата: \nТип: \nКатегория: ", "MsgVehicleCarDialogDescriptionNotOwnerValue": "<b>{0}</b>\n<b>{4}</b>\n<b>{3}</b>\n<b>{1}</b>\n<b>{2}</b>", "MsgVehicleCarGarageEmpty": "Подъемник пустой!", "MsgVehicleDialogLink": "Поставить на учет", "MsgVehicleDialogUnLink": "Снять с учета", "MsgVehicleDialogIncorrectPassword": "Пароль должен состоять из 4-х цифр!", "MsgVehicleNotOwner": "Вы не являетесь владельцем!", "MsgVehicleCanNotInteract": "Вы не являетесь владелецем или его другом!", "MsgVehicleNoPermissions": "У вас нет прав для этого действия!", "MsgVehicleLinked": "{0} успешно привязан(а)! У вас {1} из {2} доступных.", "MsgVehicleUnLinked": "{0} успешно отвязан(а)!", "MsgVehicleFailedDeauthorize": "Вы можете выписаться только при отвязки транспорта от вас.", "MsgVehicleLimit": "Лимит превышен! У вас {1} из {2} доступных.", "MsgVehicleDestroyed": "Ваше транспортное средство {0}({1}) было уничтожено!", "MsgVehicleFind": "Ваше транспортное средство {0} находится в квадрате {1}!", "MsgVehicleClear": "Удалено {0} транспортных средств!", "MsgVehicleClearEmpty": "Транспортные средства для удаления не найдены!", "MsgVehicleNotFound": "Транспортное средство не найдено!", "MsgVehicleTugboatAuthorization": "Для авторизации в буксире, его необходимо поставить на учет!", "MsgVehicleLandVehicle": "Наземный", "MsgVehicleAirVehicle": "Воздушный", "MsgVehicleWaterVehicle": "Водный", "MsgVehicleWinterVehicle": "Зимний", "MsgVehicleTrainVehicle": "ЖД", "MsgVehicleHorse": "Лошадь", "MsgVehicleBike": "Велосипед", "MsgVehicleMotorBike": "Мотоцикл", "MsgVehicleCar": "Машина", "MsgVehicleBalloon": "Воздушный шар", "MsgVehicleMinicopter": "Мини коптер", "MsgVehicleTransportHeli": "Корова", "MsgVehicleAttackHeli": "Боевой вертолет", "MsgVehicleRowBoat": "Лодка", "MsgVehicleRHIB": "Патрульная лодка", "MsgVehicleTugBoat": "Буксир", "MsgVehicleSubmarineOne": "Маленькая подлодка", "MsgVehicleSubmarineTwo": "Подлодка", "MsgVehicleSnowmobile": "Снегоход", "MsgVehicleTrain": "Поезд", "MsgFree": "Бесплатно", "MsgNoDate": "пусто", "MsgEconomicsNotEnough": "Не достаточно средств!" } admin: loot - Enables or disables the ability for the player who enter the command to loot other players' boxes, bodies, backpacks, etc. Permission "realpve.admin" required. vehicle: find - helps to find a player's vehicle; unlink - unlinks the vehicle without the need to approach it; clear - unlinks all vehicles. team: ff - Enable/Disable damage to teammates. Only the group leader can use this command. Example: /realpve vehicle find *netID* This plugin provides the ability to claim vehicles, thereby preventing theft and griefing from other players. In permissions, you can set the price and quantity restrictions for each type of vehicle, ensuring flexible customization according to your preferences. An assigned vehicle can't be damaged, looted or pushed by other players, but it can be pushed if it is within someone else's Building Privilege. File location: *SERVER*\oxide\data\RealPVE\MonumentConfig.json Default: https://pastebin.com/XY1d9YaM This plugin introduces queue system and loot purchases for monuments. You can customize the price and time for looting for each monument. Within monuments, only the "Looter" and his friends have the ability to loot, pick up items or damage entities. Additionally, NPCs and animals within monuments do not aggress against other players and do not receive damage from them. If a player dies within the monument, they will have a grace period to return. This allows players to safely loot monuments without fear of griefing. Example of monument configuration: "ferry_terminal_1": { "Type": "RadTown", "ShowSuffix": true, "Broadcast": true, "LootingTime": 900, "Price": 15.0, "BarSettings": { "Order": 10, "Height": 26, "Main_Color": "#FFBF99", "Main_Transparency": 0.8, "Main_Material": "", "Image_URL": "https://i.imgur.com/awUrIwA.png", "Image_Sprite": "", "Image_IsRawImage": false, "Image_Color": "#FFDCB6", "Image_Transparency": 1.0, "Text_Size": 12, "Text_Color": "#FFFFFF", "Text_Font": "RobotoCondensed-Bold.ttf", "SubText_Size": 12, "SubText_Color": "#FFFFFF", "SubText_Font": "RobotoCondensed-Bold.ttf" } } Type - This field serves only as an indicator for you. The changes won't have any impact; ShowSuffix - Suffix display. Some monuments (for example Warehouses) have suffixes in the name, like "Warehouse #12"; Broadcast - Enabling or disabling broadcasts when a monument is occupied or vacated; LootingTime - Time allocated for looting the monument; Price - The price for which you can start looting the monument. 0 means looting is free; BarSettings - Settings for the Advanced Status Bar. You can also choose the types of monuments by specifying them under the "List of tracked types of monuments" section. A list of all available types can be viewed on the MonumentsWatcher's page in the "Developer API" section. "List of tracked types of monuments": [ "RadTown", "RadTownWater", "RadTownSmall", "TunnelStation", "Custom" ] Events, similar to monuments, offer the opportunity to claim events. All events are configured in the config file under the "Settings for the events" section. You can customize the price of looting and looting attempts(deaths, including friends). Just like in monuments, only the "Looter" and his friends have the ability to loot and damage entities. Additionally, in events, NPCs do not aggress against other players. If a player(including friends) exceeds the death limit, the event became free, thereby providing other players with the opportunity to claim the event. Example of event configuration: "Settings for the events": { "PatrolHelicopter": { "Price": 50.0, "DeathLimit": 5 }, "BradleyAPC": { "Price": 50.0, "DeathLimit": 5 } } Price - The price to claim the event. 0 means looting is free; DeathLimit - Limit of deaths after which the event becomes free. File location: *SERVER*\oxide\data\RealPVE\NewbieConfig.json Default: https://pastebin.com/QHZCqpji An example of an item list given for the main inventory: "List of items for the main inventory": [ { "ShortName": "note", "Slot": 0, "Amount": 1, "SkinID": 0, "Text": "MsgNoteText" } ] P.S. In the Text field, you need to specify the language key. Or, you can just write any text, but there won't be a translation of the text. File location: *SERVER*\oxide\data\RealPVE\RaidableBasesConfig.json Default: https://pastebin.com/rpDng7Fd Integration with the RaidableBases plugin does not restrict its functionality in any way. On the contrary, it adds an anti-grief system that protects bases from malicious players. In raid bases, NPCs and other entities can only receive damage from the raid owner or their friends; Turrets and traps do not aggress against outsiders; You can customize the price of claiming to each difficulty and set individual discounts for each permission. You can still purchase raid bases using the /buyraid command. Raid bases without owners(buyable, maintained, manual and scheduled) can be bought for a price set in the configuration file or assigned to the first player who enters its radius, if the final price(price * discount) less or equals to 0. Additionally, as a bonus, upon buying this plugin, you receive 5 free bases for 3 difficulty levels, along with configured loot for them.
  3. Monster


    Version 1.0.4


    XPrison - prison for your server. - Optimization of the interface for different monitor resolutions. - Storing player data in - oxide/data/XDataSystem/XPrison - There is a lang ru/en/uk/es. - Sound effects when interacting with the menu. - Ability to create a prison using the CopyPaste plugin or a custom prefab created in RustEdit. [ To use a prefab as a prison, you need to specify its coordinates in the config ] [ The prison is protected from any kind of damage. ] - Adjustment of attires for the prisoner. - Setting nicknames for prisoners. [ Random prefix with nickname in chat ] - Setting allowed console and chat commands. [ The rest will be blocked ] - Radio tuning for prisoners. [Detailed settings in the spoiler] - The ability to send the player to life or temporary imprisonment. - Two options for serving a temporary sentence: Online. [ The player needs to spend his entire term online in prison ] By date (offline). [ The player will be released after the specified time. He can go offline and wait offline for the end of the term ] - The ability to add prisoners even if they have never been on the server or on the date. [ A file with the prisoner's data will be automatically created ] - The ability to block slots with clothes. [ To prevent the prisoner from taking off his uniform ] - Automatic release of prisoners at the end of the term. - Block damage to prisoners. - As spawners for prisoners, the - "Tesla Coil" is used. [ If there are no spawners, then the prisoners will spawn around the map, but will not be able to farm and deal damage. There will be appropriate warnings in the server console ] - As a spawner for admins is used - "Press Plate". - "Igniter" is used as spawners for visitors. - Various chat notifications. [ Sending to the prisonand release. The duration of the term. ] - An admin or a player with a permit is not subject to various prison restrictions. - The ability to teleport a prisoner to prison (clear his inventory). [ Or kill the prisoner and he will respawn in prison ] - Ability to teleport prisoner from prison to Outpost or Bandit Camp (clear his inventory) [ Or kill the prisoner and he will respawn on the beach ] - If a prisoner is teleported to and from prison, without clearing his inventory, then you can arrange a quest for them: If you survive in prison, you can save your loot, as well as the loot that you got from other prisoners in prison. - Mini game. The prisoner can press buttons and reduce his time of detention. [ Useful for prisoners who are serving time online ] - Mini game 2. The prisoner can recycle items inside the zone and reduce his time of imprisonment. You can get the prison file for the CopyPaste plugin from the developer after purchase. -> Overview - YouTube <- Permissions xprison.admin - access to admin functionality. [ Not required for admin player ] xprison.visitor - access to visiting the prison for ordinary players. Commands /zonaloc - find out your coordinates and the coordinates of the prison. /tpzona - teleport to the prison. [ For Administrators/Visitors ] /zona - check the length of the term. /zonamenu - open the prisoner management menu. cmd_prisoner add <SteamID [ 76561100000000000 ]> <Life imprisonment [ True / False ]> <Term duration [ 3600 ]> <Option to serve time [ True - online / False - by date (possibly offline.) ]> - send to the player's zone. ( Regardless of online player or offline ) cmd_prisoner remove <SteamID [ 76561100000000000 ]> false 0 - release the prisoner. ( Regardless of online player or offline ) [ You can, for example, give the opportunity to redeem yourself through the store ] API bool API_IsOnlinePrisoner(ulong userID) - return TRUE/FALSE if the online player is a prisoner. void API_AddOnlinePrisoner(BasePlayer prisoner, bool life - Life imprisonment [ True / False ], int duration - Term duration [ 3600 ]) - send an online player to the zone. void API_RemoveOnlinePrisoner(BasePlayer prisoner) - free online prisoner. bool API_IsOfflinePrisoner(ulong userID) - return TRUE/FALSE if the offline player is a prisoner. void API_AddOfflinePrisoner(BasePlayer prisoner, bool life - Life imprisonment [ True / False ], int duration - Term duration [ 3600 ]) - send an offline player to the zone. void API_RemoveOfflinePrisoner(ulong userID) - free offline prisoner. string API_GetOnlinePrisonerPrefix(BasePlayer player) - return the prisoner's online prefix. Config { "General settings": { "Profile SteamID for custom avatar": 0, "List of allowed console commands on the prison": [ "global.respawn" ], "List of allowed chat commands in the prison": [ "zona" ] }, "Settings prison": { "Prison location coordinates": { "x": 1000.0, "y": 700.0, "z": 0.0 }, "Prison file name for the CopyPaste plugin": "zona606", "Diameter from the point you specify to search for prison structures, spawners, and more": 35.0, "Automatically turn on the boombox after the prison spawns": true, "Use the CopyPaste plugin for the prison [ True - CopyPaste | False - the prison location point you specified, you can use a custom prefab or build the prison manually ]": true, "Allow regular players to visit the prison": false, "Allow ordinary players to visit the prison only with an empty inventory": true }, "Prisoner settings": { "Lock the clothing slots": true, "Lock the slots on the belt": false, "Lock inventory slots": false, "Lock clothing items - [ Player will not be able to discard them ]": true, "Use a nickname prefix for the prisoner - [ Set to False if the prefix should be disabled or the prefix is used by a third party chat plugin ]": true, "Link to prisoner lock screen image": "https://i.imgur.com/SZoYTLt.png", "Layer UI lock screen image - [ Overlay | Hud ]": "Hud", "Use screen lock": false, "Do not kill the prisoner when he enters the prison, but simply teleporting": false, "When a prisoner is teleported to prison, clear his inventory": false, "Do not kill the prisoner when he is released from prison, but simply teleporting to the Outpost or Bandit Camp": false, "When a prisoner teleports out of prison, clear his inventory": false, "[ Mini-game ] Allow prisoners to shorten their time by pressing buttons inside the prison": true, "[ Mini-game ] For pressing one button, how many seconds to reduce the term of imprisonment": 1, "[ Mini-game 2 ] Allow inmates to reduce their incarceration time by recycling items inside the prison": true, "[ Mini-game 2 ] List of items and number of seconds": { "rock": 1 }, "List of prisoner's attires [ Shortname - SkinID ]": { "burlap.headwrap": 2655848185, "burlap.shirt": 2655843517, "burlap.trousers": 2655838948 }, "List of prisoner nicknames": [ "Schellen", "Schilten", "Espadas", "Bastos", "Oros", "Denari", "Rosen", "Copas", "Herz", "Eichel", "Kule", "Laub", "Zelený", "Grün" ] } }
  4. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This bundle includes 5 hand-crafted and decorated easy raidbases. Installation: Make sure you have Raidable Bases and copy-paste installed. Enter the following command into your console: rb.config add "Easy Bases" EFG001 EFG002 EFG003 EFG004 EFG005
  5. Version 1.1.1


    Put in sale properties (house, building, etc) so that players can buy them, rented. Work with all doors that can include a lock code, Works with Economics Permissions propertybuying.manager.use - Gives access to the (creates, suprimed ) properties propertybuying.manager.admin - See all properties created and (creates , suprimed ) properties Commands /property - Accesses the property management ( added, removed ) How to add a property ? CopyPaste Decay Config Payment Time Model Lang
  6. Version 0.0.2


    Puzzle Jump Plugin for Rust: Elevate Your Server Experience to a New Level Transform your Rust server into a unique playground filled with challenges and entertainment with the Puzzle Jump Plugin. Puzzle Jump Plugin enhances your Rust server by offering the ability to create customized, timed obstacle courses for an interactive and stimulating game experience. Important The plugin is currently stable but still in a testing phase for a short while, which is why it is being offered at a promotional price for its launch. The promotion will end once the roadmap goals are achieved. I am readily available for all your questions, here or on Discord (d.0ne_), so please do not hesitate to contact me if needed. Key Features Customizable Puzzle Creation: Build unique courses with start/end buttons and checkpoints for a tailored gaming experience. Reward System Distribute dynamic rewards based on player performance, with an attractive ranking system. Puzzle Flexibility Easily adapt and relocate non-static puzzles for constant renewal. Coming Soon Static Puzzles Get ready for the integration of puzzles into fixed structures for even more variety. Example Puzzle Pack Quickly get started with five ready-to-use puzzles, fully customizable. Leaderboard with UI An intuitive leaderboard to track player performance in real time. Total Customization Fully configure the plugin, including time-based rewards. Requirements: Requires CopyPaste plugin to function. Plugin Installation: Place the 'PuzzleJumpPlugin/config/PuzzleJumpPlugin' folder into '/oxide/configuration', ensuring that you end up with an '/oxide/configuration/PuzzleJumpPlugin' folder. Move the contents of the 'PuzzleJumpPlugin/data/CopyPaste' folder into '/oxide/data/CopyPaste'. Place the 'PuzzleJumpPlugin.cs' file into 'oxide/plugins' and then start the plugin. For further steps, follow the tutorials Use the Example Puzzles Placing a Puzzle: Use `/puzzle_setposition <puzzle_name> [autoheight]`. The `[autoheight]` option is optional and adjusts the puzzle to ground level. Each puzzle can only be instantiated once. Video Tutorial : Creating / Editing a Puzzle Here is a video showing the creation of a Puzzle Jump. The process is the same when you want to edit a puzzle, but you will need to use the command '/puzzle_edit <puzzle_name>' : Video Plugin Commands For Creation and Editing /puzzle_create <puzzle_name> <true | false>` : Starts the creation of a puzzle. /puzzle_save : Saves modifications to a puzzle. /puzzle_setbutton <start | default | end>` : Assigns a type to a targeted button. /puzzle_exit Exits creation/editing mode without saving. /puzzle_removebutton <type <index>>` : Removes a specified button. /puzzle_setradius <radius>` : Adjusts the radius of the puzzle. For Management puzzle_setposition <puzzle_name> [autoheight] : Changes the puzzle's position. The `[autoheight]` option is optional and sets the puzzle to ground level. Player Commands puzzle_ladder : Displays the player leaderboard Roadmap Static Puzzles: Ability to create puzzles on monuments, or with prefabs in RustEdit. Checkpoint Respawn: Ability for players to respawn at a checkpoint if they fall. Puzzle Packs (with electricity): Introduction of electrically integrated puzzle packs. Configuring a Puzzle: enabled: Defines if a puzzle is instantiated at the start of the plugin. displayName: The name displayed to players in-game. useDefaultCheckPoints: Determines if the default checkpoints are effective. timer: maxTime: The maximum time for the puzzle, after which the player fails. zoneConfiguration: radius: Radius of the zone (default is 15). enablePvp: Enable PvP in the zone (default is false). enableFallDamages: Enable fall damages (default is false). enableSleeping: Allow players to sleep in the puzzle (default is false). enableVehicle: Allow vehicles in the puzzle. rankScoreTable: Score table sorted by rank (score being the time achieved by the player). rewardsTable: Table of rewards, sorted by rank (see "Configuring Reward Tiers"). Configuring Reward Tiers (According to Rank): In 'rewardsTable' (for each puzzle), you can configure: Items (list): rewardItemShortName: The shortName of the item. quantity: The quantity. Hooks (list): pluginName: The name of the plugin the hook belongs to. hook: The hook (must have a BasePlayer as a parameter). Commands (list): command: The command to execute, use %player_id to get the player's ID. Support and Assistance: I am fully committed to providing an exceptional user experience. For any questions, issues, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Your feedback is crucial for the continuous improvement of the plugin.
  7. Version 1.0.1


    Skybase is a building our server has used for a few years and figured we should share it and maybe your community can make use for it as well. Features: Slot Machines Poker Tables Admin / Hotel Rooms Vending Machines Heli Landing Zones Speaker / Radio Setup Mixing Table Fridge Computer Station Crafting Setup Smelting Zone Hangout Spots with a view. How we use it: Set a zone with Zone Manger, Set flags for No Stability, Decay Etc if needed and have the building within Radius. Skybase is pasted with CopyPaste I use the command /Paste SkybaseFinal Height 200 I also set a command /skybase to let players teleport here It can be pasted on water as well. Thank you for Viewing! Any issues or suggestions are welcome! Courtesy of ꧁༺ † 𝓨𝓪𝓶𝓲 𝓷𝓸 𝓣𝓮𝓷𝓡𝔂𝓾𝓾 † ༻꧂ x Wrecks
  8. Bran

    The Cursed

    Version 1.0.0


    Copypaste raid base usable via raidable bases plugins.
  9. Version 1.0.1


    10 Raidable Bases owners of Pack1 | RaidableBases dont have to buy this ! this will be updated to the pack ! | Medium trap base ! Full of traps and turrets loot boxes and tc. To install, put in "oxide/data/copypaste" and rename the files to your liking from your profile settings. If you need help, feel free to contact me. Discord onehitterquitterr#6610
  10. cameron


    Version 1.0.4


    Add PORT-A-FORTS from Fornite into Rust. Turn specific F1 Grenades into PORT-A-FORTS famous from Fortnite! Once the grenade explodes a fort will begin to be built where it exploded. This fort can then be used to get a competitive advantage over your enemies. Create your own forts in-game and then use them within this plugin. What does the PORT-A-FORT do? Throwing a PORT-A-FORT F1 grenade causes a fort to be built over a period of time where it exploded. Once it's been built it will then be upgraded. A random fort is picked from a list of available forts provided in the config file. How do I use it? PORT-A-FORTS can be incorporated into your server in the following ways! Spawn then with /portafort– requires the permission “PORTAFORT.use” Add an F1 Grenade with the skin id in your PORT-A-FORTS config file to add them to your loot table or add them to kits in the same way! Alternatively, you can spawn a fort by typing /port - requires the permission “PORTAFORT.me” A fort will not be consucted in building blocked zone or if the foundations can not be placed (configurable) How To Install Drag the ports folder into the data folder for oxide Drag the .cs file into the plugin folder Commands and Perms /port - spawns a fort on your feet - "PORTAFORT.me" /portafort - gives you a PORT-A-FORT grenade. Permission "PORTAFORT.use" Config NamesOfPortFiles -> Add the names of the .json files for the specific forts that are within the ports folder in the oxide data folder. HpOnComplete -> The health forts will have once they have been completed FolderForPortFiles -> The folder where port data files are stored. May be good to change it to your CopyPaste folder. ObjectBlockingRange -> Change this if your having issues with forts being build in bad spots such as in rocks or houses. The higher the value the more likely a block will not be built. Default is 1. Setting it to 0 will disable the check SkinForPortAFort -> The skin id to determine if an f1 grenade is a PORT-A FORT or not. SpeedToBuild -> How fast a building will get built. 0.01 default. AmountToBuildPerLoop -> How many blocks will get placed per every cycle of the above time. Default 2 RefundOnBadPlacement - > If a grenade should be given back in the event of bad placement How do I add my own forts? Four forts are provided however you may wish to create your own more interesting ones. To do this you will need to get Misticos - Copy Paste plugin https://umod.org/plugins/copy-paste. Once a fort has been created copy the fort using the plugin stated. This will generate a .json file in the copypaste data folder and will be labelled the name of what you copied it as. Take this file and add it to the ports folder in the data folder. You then need to add the port to the config file under the section "NamesOfPortFiles". You're then done! Not all entities were tested so if your file doesn't work it may be because you added a weird entity. Need to contact me for issues or private work mrcameron999#0001 on Discord
  11. Bran

    The Trap

    Version 1.0.0


    Copypaste raid base usable via raidable bases plugins.
  12. Bran

    The Squid

    Version 1.0.0


    Copypaste raid base usable via raidable bases plugins.
  13. Bran

    The Turtle

    Version 1.0.0


    Copypaste raid base usable via raidable bases plugins.
  14. Bran

    The Slit

    Version 1.0.0


    Copypaste raid base usable via raidable bases plugins.


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